MIss Universe 2008

Miss USA falls the second year in the row.

As I was watching Miss Universe 2008 that took place this Sunday in Vietnam, it occurred to me that every single girl looked practically identical. How is it possible that women from around the world with different ethical backgrounds look like clones of each other? The same body type ( long, lean, with a large chest and a tiny waist kind), with big wavy hair, tons of make up and always smiling - its like watching a Barbie come alive. Although the " idea" is to celebrate women who are savvy, goal oriented, and aware. Those, who inspire and set an example. But from what I have seen ( and I've been watching Miss Universe since I was little girl) all they do is reinforce the negative stereotype of beauty - the idea that women should look like walking dolls. Why is it that there is not a representative that you can relate to, it all seems too fake. To me, Miss Universe is a beauty pageant, nothing more than beautiful girls being looked at and judged. What are your thoughts on this and would you ever want to be a " beauty queen"?

The tittle of Miss Universe 2008 went to Miss Venezuela, Dayana Mendoza.

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