Mid Fashion Week Dilemma of Unresolved Jewellery

Hello Darlings,

Taking a break from telling you about fashion shows to address a serious personal dilemma. As I was waiting for the Pink Tartan show to begin, I watched my black chiffon ruffles gently flowing under the fan’s heavy breeze. My hands folded and my nails were painted fifth avenue red, but as I noticed my bare wrist with only a gold watch, I observed.... for a person who own lots of jewelry and fun pieces, I suck at accessorizing.

Looking at my jewelry box, one would definitely assume that I have a gold jewelry obsession; however, despite having so many beautiful pieces, I have yet to learn the art of accessorizing.

As I was sitting surrounded by a sea of people in overwhelming color, accessories so bright they could blind a child. And the statements they were hoping for were difficult for me to grasp. So there I was, watching the minute hand pass by on my lonely watch. I applaud people who take chances that can either place them in the worst or best dressed lists. But for me, I prefer to avoid the daring and stay within my neutral-hued zone. However, with summer coming soon, I want to get in on the fun world of jewelry.. With my constant browsing of the ShopNBC massive jewelry collection, I am pretty sure there is a piece that is a happy medium for my fear of making a statement with jewelry.

I know the style setting crowd would say accessorizing is the easiest way to jazz up a look, but for me this is a constant struggle. It is difficult to invest the time to match and pair jewelry to my outfit and then there’s my personal dislike of mixing precious metals. In my opinion, mixing silver and gold is like dragging nails on a blackboard: brutal and unnecessary. I just really don’t like to combine the two. So it is difficult for me to wear bold jewelry and not look like a gold mine exploded. My spring challenge is to accessorize more and explore jewelry.

What is your favorite way to accessorize? Do you have any suggestion????

Maybe suggest your favorite jewelry brands or your favorite accessory that you think that I would love... please do share :) Thank you!

Wishing Everyone a Beautiful Day!!!

With Love...


Post proofread by Iris Braunstein


Source: fashion gone rogue

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