Masquerade Nuit Blanche...

Hello Darlings, 

One night every year from sunset to sunrise, downtown Toronto is transformed into an urban gallery. On this night over 500 artists transform the city streets and squares into a gigantic art show. Of course, galleries, museums and art centers stay open as well. It is a beautiful event that celebrates the beauty of our city and the creativity of its people.

    I had no luck of finding a mask. Luckly, the host was thoughtful enough to provide them. P.S. This is me trying to make a heart shape :P

Nuit Blanche is one of my favorite Toronto events, and to celebrate the 4th annual Nuit Blanche one of my friends hosted a masquerade soiree... which was a ton of fun and was followed by a night of art. Yup, we stayed up until dawn, grabbed breakfast and went home :P

In the spirit of the night, I decided to dress the theme by wearing my  favorite tutu. It was arty and dressy enough for the night :) For comfort, I paired it with my Michael Kors babies (aka boots), Mackage leather jacket, Club Monaco cashmere scarf... and underneath I wore the cutest Wilfred  nude long sleeve top.


It was an unforgettable night... a million laughs with a wonderful group of friends!  In the life of a student start of exams calls for a night of fun beforehand and completion of exams calls for a party to unwind :) You have to work hard and play harder right :P

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For fun, I decided to dress the wearing my  favorite tutu. I figured that it was arty and dressy enough for the event :) For comfort I paired it with my Kors babies(it was lots and lots of walking), Mackage leather jacket, cashmere scarf...underneath I wore the cutest Wilfred  nude long sleeve top.

Playing Dress Up: Donna Karan Tights