Like a Gold Member in Sequins and Sheen

Hello Darlings,

When is the girl to wear all that sparkle and shine, if not during the holiday season?

Traditionally, sequins and láme are reserved for cocktail parties, New Year’s bashes, and Las Vegas. Nevertheless, unless you’re secure in your inner showgirl, it is not a combination that is for a wallflower. But who follows tradition nowadays?

A little golden or silver frosting can add that needed pizzazz into an otherwise dull and lifeless outfit. With my traditional approach to most aspects of life, such reservation does not seem to have transferred to my taste for clothing and accessories. With the latest preference for shine and bold gold, it seems that color-blocking is not the only daring development.

Far from being an attention-seeker and even farther from being a wallflower, I just like to enjoy myself. Wearing such a loud outfit is definitely a party all on its own! With bright apparel, it is impossible not to feel empowered. Think of all that glitter and shine that Samantha and Carrie wore? There is a reason why Charlotte didn’t.  Or on another hand, think Gold Member and all his mojo :P

All silliness aside, a little sparkle and shine is a must for holidays. Whether it be sparkly mani, a bling-ed out cocktail ring, a pair of bedazzled pumps or a full on láme dress; be sure to create knockout ensembles.

Zara Láme Sweater
Mango Toby Skirt 
YSL Trooper Pumps
YSL Arty Ring 
McQ by Alexander McQueen Razor Necklace
Coach Madison Leather Lindsey Satchel

My “knockout ensemble” – aka Gold Membership - was pulled together for a scenic dinner at Toula Restaurant high atop the Westin Harbour Castle Hotel. With my delightful lobster pasta and a glass of Merlot; the night was complete with a perfect serving of crème-brulee.

With Love...


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