Levi's Photo Shoot

Hello Darlings,

Fun news in my world as classic American brand Levi's are featuring me this coming Sunday in their marketing, with photos from a recent shoot wearing one of their dresses. I have done many photo shoots the past few years, but this one is extra special since the photos will be featured on Levi's facebook page, which has a staggering 16 million fans!

Social media is changing the world and how everyone in the world interacts at a lightning pace. While it still takes 8 hours and $1,000 to fly to London, England - thanks to the internet and in particular social sites like facebook and twitter - it is now relatively easy to reach and engage a large audience anywhere in the world from the virtual comforts of your own home!

16 million is a staggering number of people who follow Levi's facebook page!

For some perspective, consider these fun facts:

There are 242 countries in the world.

Only 62 countries have more population than Levi's facebook audience!

More than the population of Norway, Finland, and Denmark - combined!

And roughly half of the population of Canada.

Levi's still lags far behind Justin Bieber, who has 48 million facebook fans!

Justin's facebook audience would put him #28 in the world.

With more facebook fans than the entire population of Spain!

Even more incredible is that becoming a fan of a facebook page requires a conscious decision to hit the "like" button. More than 16 million people each knew and had enough interest in the Levi's brand to make that decision. Not only is this a huge endorsement for the popularity of the Levi's brand - thanks to facebook - the company now has a way to interact directly with such a massive audience any time they want...

As for the Levi's photo shoot, the dress is from their Fall / Winter 2012 collection. The fabric is a blend of denim and tencel, which is a natural fibre made from trees. To complement the look, I chose my new Booker Boots from J.Crew and trusty oval arty ring from Yves Saint Laurent.

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