Kiddie Themed...

Hello Darlings,

The other night was my little cousin's 6th Birthday, so I took  the opportunity to dress up in kiddie theme.

I paired my new Marc by Marc Jacobs tee with my Marc Jacobs hoodie (minor Marc Jacobs obsession) and added a touch of print with my Zara bow skirt.  The outfit was appropriate and fun for a kid's birthday, and my cousin loved my tee so much... he also wanted one :) Mission accomplished, the kiddie loved it.

As I've mentioned before my obsession with Marc Jacobs continues, the man is incredible. Who could have thought that one hoodie would spark a shopping frenzy for all things Marc. I just love how simple and cute his pieces are. They are also perfection for school! As for my Stella booties they have not replaced my Kors lovelies, as I do love them equally! However, I must admit that this pair is more casual and easier to pair with more outfits.

I am wearing:

Marc by Marc Jacobs  Miss Marc Houndtooth Tee

Zara Bow Skirt

Marc by Marc Jacobs Quilted Duo Hoodie

Calvin Klein Opaque Tights

Marc by Marc Jacobs Miss Marc Studs

Accessories&Beyond Bracelets

Stella McCarthney Sock Booties

Lately, I've found pieces to complement my entire wardrobe and add a touch of unexpected. My theory has always been to splurge a little more on an item that you will really love and that will take you from one season to the next; and from one outfit to another; and make look fabulous!


And of course, NEVER FORGET ABOUT QUALITY! Quality of an item is most important. It does not matter who the designer is or how much it costs, quality is something that should always come first. Money does not necessarily buy quality; expensive does not mean quality it simply means that it is in demand. Quality is something you need to check for yourself! And to help you with it, here's a post I made a while back on how to spot quality items: "Quality Over Quantity" Investigated.

Now it is your turn to tell me as to how important quality is to you???

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Wishing everyone a beautiful start to a new week!

With Love...


Haute-Couture Tee...

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