Keep the Romance Alive

Hello Darlings,  Great relationships should never seem like work, but even the strongest couples can use a little nurturing to keep the romance alive. It is those sweet little gestures that make a big difference and the time that you spend together that can keep the flames burning.  Here are some tips and tricks to keeping the romance alive:

Commit to a Regular Date Night:  With busy lives, it can be easy to neglect the one you love without even knowing it's happening. Your work, your family, your friends and more can all vampire away at the time you have to share with your special someone. So fight back with a regular date night just for the two of you - as much as once a week. This is surely the most important trick of all.

Dress to Impress:  Never lose sight that it's your special someone who is the main person you want to admire your looks. And have fun with dressing to impress, trying new things from killer 5 inch heels, to open-shoulder blouses, to having your hair in an updo to show him a little neck. And don't reserve just for date night, it's the unexpected moments that can keep his fire burning.

Massage and Repeat:  Caressing your best friend is one of the best ways to show your love. Everyone loves being touched, so even if you aren't the touchy feely type, do your best to make a little space in your life for some touching of your special someone. From a gentle caress of his neck and cheek, to scratching your big guys back, explore what your guy loves and have fun with it.

It's the Thought that Counts:  Small presents at unexpected moments are a great way to show how much you care. And even the smallest gifts can become the most powerful proof of love as he sees and recalls the thought and effort that you made specifically to make him happy.

Choreograph Your Love:  Add some music to your everyday lives. There is much to be said for inspiration that can come from hearing a fun song on the radio together. Maybe it's the beat, maybe it's the memories of another special time spent together, you never know...

Go to Bed Early Girl:  Put on something sexy and go to bed early  You don't need to manufacture love, but you can still create situations when great love can happen. And it goes without saying that great love isn't going to happen watching television on the couch.

What are you ladies doing to Keep the Romance Alive? 

With Love...

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