Climbing with Givenchy Floral Tights

Hello Darlings, 

One of my favorite blogs, Your Everyday Style featured WithLoveGabrielle as an Image of the Moment. Thanks a million to the lovely TINA. And as for my weekend, I wore this Maggie Ward dress with adorable Givenchy floral tights for a dinner date with Andrew on Saturday... :)


On Friday, we also went climbing, and I finally bought climbing SHOES. Yup, we are equipped to explore wilderness when the time is right. I am so excited to take it outside, that we committed to climb twice a week.


I love the thrill of rock climbing, but the downside is HAND BLISTERS and KNEE BRUISES. Last week I got a blister and freaked out.  So now I obsessively moisturize and do a mani pedi after climbing. AM I TOO GIRLY FOR THIS HOBBY ? I mean, I climb in purple outfit with a purple bow headband ... all I need to do is powder my nose between the climb...

I am wearing: Hayden Cashmere Dress - $325, on sale for $93.45 Talula Wool Blazer - $148 Juicy Couture Italian Leather Boots - $622, on sale for $360 A.V.Max Cuff - $58, on sale for $28 H&M Headband - $3.99 Givenchy Floral Tights - $15


Also, I bought Vogue and In Style last week, and realized how much I don't like Vogue anymore. I used to " worship" the magazine, but all it is now is designer ads that you have to pay to see. There's nothing to read. AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO FEELS THIS WAY? But there's a bigger reason why this was my last issue. 

I am a big animal lover and humane society volunteer. AND I strongly disagree with Anna Wintor's Vogue fur spreads, pro-fur editorials, and refusal of paid ads from animal protection groups. PETA member Pink sent a handwritten letter to Wintour, urging her to drop fur promotion in her magazine.


90210 in IN STYLE

I also bought In Style and loved it. I loved this photo spread photographed by Pamela Hanson and styled by Elizabeth Stewart, featuring Lori Loughlin and Shanae Grimes - from the new 90210.

Although I am not that in love with 90210 ( I did adore the old version), I do love this photo spread :) 

" 54% of women with teenage girls share their clothes."

I don't share my clothes with my mom. DO YOU?


Photo Credits: Americas Next Top Model Cycle 9, In Style Magazine, PETA

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