Juicy Worship....

Hello Darlings,

I am flying to Germany then Ukraine on Wednesday. I haven't had the time to pack and still soooo much to finish. On a more positive note, I've finally received my Juicy Couture laptop bag. It is so cute and spacious. I adore it. Perfect to fit a laptop, cord, and a book.

My Juicy Couture worship continues. It is simply adorable and makes everyday things feel more special. I also picked up a pair of Juicy pants to travel in. Maximum comfort but still cute.

As for my outfit, I opted for something that will raise my spirits - which of course meant heels!

I am wearing:

Talula Cashmere Dress

Accessories & Beyond Bracelets

Juicy Couture Mary Janes

Juicy Couture Laptop Purse

I just also received my Gustto Purse and can't wait to share it with you in my next post. I will also post my travel outfit as well as let you know if my new luggage reached my expectations.

As for now, I am of to study for my last exam (tomorrow).... ugggh, I am sooo tired.

I wish you all a lovely day!!!

With Love...


Source: juicy couture ads.

Bloch Flats and Gustto Loving

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