It's Your Fault If He Looks Bad

Hello DarlingsOne of the most visible and best accessories a women has is the man by her side! And while I would never go so far as saying a woman should dress her man, there are some basic fashion and beauty issues that a woman can address to be sure her man is looking his best.

On the topic of fashion, start with the shoes! One of my biggest pet peeves on a man are running shoes for everyday wear. Why? Is he concerned about being chased by a mugger? Guys typically wear the same pair of shoes every day for a whole season, so one of the best things you can do to style-up your man is to help him buy a pair of shoes.

In my own case, I bought my man a pair of  amazing burgundy Kenneth Cole lace-up sneakers. The color is basic, so he can wear them with almost everything he owns — that's important since guys mostly wear the same pair of shoes for many different occasions. The pair is also stylish, so just by wearing these shoe all of his outfits look way more fashionable.

My second tip, is to invest in cashmere. Men do not understand the importance of a beautiful cashmere sweater and scarf. Well, that is unless you take the time to invest in those pieces and ensure that he tries them on. With cashmere, there is no going back — they just love the softness. Plus, a luxe cashmere sweater is the best substitute for a dress shirt when going out.

My third tip, go shopping with him for denim. Just like us ladies, men usually prefer to wear jeans. So the easiest thing is to offer to go shopping with him for a pair. Make sure the experience is fun and do your research beforehand. Find out his size and look into different cuts of denim. Remember that a great pair of dark denim jeans are also great for going out. If he gets one pair, be sure that it is dark.

Another final tip (or must-do's) is to help your boyfriend with his daily "beauty" regime. Granted this is not a war easily won,  but even the scruffiest of guys has inner pride about how he looks! So when presented correctly some glimmer of vanity should shine through! In my own relationship, getting some moisturizer on my man is priority number one. Guys are terrible at wearing sunscreen, so a little moisturizer can do wonders to combat the inevitable dry skin from sun damage. And the trick is to apply it for him, since most guys love the attention.

When it comes to appearances you will be surprised to find out that for your approval and attention, your favorite guy will go that extra mile. Just have fun with it and soon enough he will actually enjoy the process, I promise :) Remember, never to be critical and always be encouraging.

These are my tips to keep my man looking his best, what are yours?

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