It's a Cashmiracle

Hello Darlings, With first snow, my cashmere is out in full force! So are florals, but aside from having no relation to snow, I will save that :)

 With bone chilling days ahead, many of us are turning to our beloved parkas.  Although I am super excited to bring out my Mackage collection, there is no greater winter fashion joy for me than wearing my cashmere ensembles. I am talking cashmere sweater, paired with cashmere tights, topped of with a cashmere scarf and finally complete with cashmere gloves — it's a cashmiracle!

On a cold winter the best feeling is being cozy wearing a soft cashmere sweater or scarf - the feeling is divine! So with years of obsession over cashmere, here are ten tips to finding your perfect cashmiracle:

10 Tips to Finding a Cashmiracle

1.  Shop for cashmere during fall and spring sales, the prices are reasonable and you can find quality pieces without paying full price. I purchased this Juicy Couture cashmere sweater on sale from $380 for $120 just a week ago.

2.   In my experience Autumn Cashmere, Juicy Couture and Club Monaco have great quality cashmere at reasonable prices.

3.  Never ever hang cashmere, instead fold and put away.

4.  I buy cashmere sweaters and dresses a size bigger as cashmere tends to shrink when washed.

5.  I wash cashmere on delicate cycle in washing machine (no time for hand-washing) and lay out to dry.

6.  If you are going to pick one cashmere item to buy, it should be an over-size v-neck sweater.

7.   Always check the label that it is 100% cashmere and not cashmere blend.

8.  Look for 2-ply yarn. 2-ply means that the two threads are twisted together.

9.  Always place your hand inside the sweater and make sure that it is not see through.

10. Love your cashmere and it will love you back through many cold winters.

With cashmere it is best to pay more for quality as it will serve you a long time when cared for properly. As for me, I paired my newly favorite cashmere v-neck with a pair of pastel floral jeans. I am not sure what it is about this pair in particular but I am obsessed. Plus, they just feel so right for this type of weather and when everyone is turning to dark colors! A little floral joy on a snowy day, definitely made sense to me :)

I AM WEARING: Juicy Couture Cashmere Sweater // Juicy Couture Floral Jeans //J.Crew Booker Boots // YSL Arty Ring

Those first snowy day always bring out a smile on my face. As the days go by and the temperatures continue to drop, snowy days turn into a hassle and the magic slowly begins to vanish. But,while the joy is still in the air... might as well enjoy it over a cup of coco :)

With Love...


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