International Women's Day

Hello Darlings, Growing up in Ukraine, International Women's Day was celebrated in a much bigger way than it is in North America. In school, boys always gave us flowers and at home I always remember my father and grandfather bringing flowers for all of the women in the family. Cards were sent, flowers were receive and women were showered with love.

Valentine's Day, Birthdays or Christmas often brings such pressure and expectation that the true joy of the celebration can be soured. Yet,  Women's Day is a more relaxed occasion when men can express their appreciation for the women in their life . There are no lavish gifts just flowers, chocolates, other small tokens of care and if anything just acknowledgement "Look honey, I remember and appreciate all the wonderful things that you do!

After all what is there not to celebrate? Women are the heart and soul of most families, and best and closest ally for a man. As mother's women give their all, as wives we stand by our partner in good times and bad, as friends we are trustworthy, and in our careers we are loyal. Suffice to say it is nice that sometime, somewhere an individual thought to recognize all of us on this special day! 

So as today is our day, take a little time to show yourself some love - whether it's having a great glass of wine, buying a new lipstick, or reading a good book. Whatever it is that makes you happy, do it today just because you love too!

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As for me, today is all about catching up some reading. I've always found reading the greatest luxury as it is so time consuming, and unlike with a new pair of shoes, money can't buy time.  Recently, I picked up a copy of Paris Wife by Paula McLain which tells a story of a love affair between Ernest Hemingway and his wife Hadley. Of course, life caught up and I only had a chance to read the prologue, so today I hope to get through a few chapters.

With Love...


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