Land of Dreams

Hello Darlings, 

In the land of couture, there is no better way to describe beauty then the way Thackeray described one of the main characters in Vanity Fair, the beautiful and clever Becky Sharp (Mrs.Rawdon) :

"Our beloved Rebecca had no need, however, of any such a friendly halo to set off her beauty. Her complexion could bear any sunshine as yet; and her dress, any present lady of Vanity Fair would pronounce it to be the most foolish and preposterous attire ever worn, was as handsome in her yes and those of public, some five-and-twenty years since, as the most brilliant costume of the most famous beauty of the present season...Mrs. Radwon's dress was pronounced to be charmante on the eventful day of her presentation. Even good little Lady Jane was forced to acknowledge this effect, as she looked at her kinswoman; and owned sorrowfully to herself that she was quite inferior in taste to Mrs. Becky. "

Fashion can create a fairytale and an escape from the reality, in the similar manner as artistic splendor of art and architecture can transcend you into a state of euphoria. How fortunate the very few are who get to experience such beauty and this land of dreams... :)
Some of my favorite looks... although it is nearly impossible to pick and chose from the perfect creations within each collection.


I am totally obsessed with the details... and the mastership of these clothe is mind-blowing. This is detailed to perfection and beyond.


...simply no words to describe how much I love each and every pair.

Finishing Touches

From exquisite jewelry selection, to magnificent handbags, to charming masks and of course to perfectly polished hands and feets... finishing touches is what makes a look a perfection.

What are your favorite looks from this Couture Season????
With Love... Marta

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