I am on a mission, part 1...

Hello Darlings,

Ah, the world of fashion …so beautiful and yet so brutal! Designers work overtime to create more collections than there are seasons, trends are born every 24 hours and new “it” girls make us wish that we had half of their cool. We are constantly bombarded with images and items that are desirable, yet somewhat unattainable. No matter how far you go; fashion will always be a step ahead of you. With every season, styles and ideas are dismissed and deemed as “last season,” a concept I do not believe in. Models are becoming more flawless and skinny, and we are more obsessed with them than ever.

This really makes me think: what is the point?

What is the point of trends, unattainable appearances and images, and hopeless need for Birkins? Right now, I do not see a single point that I would consider a reasonable answer. The unattainable status of fashion is exactly what makes it so desirable and hated! Why are we so ga-ga over items and ideals that are not available to us unless we bend over backward for them? We diet, feel guilty for our last dinner, or save for a new pair of Choo’s and tolerate Hermes waitlists? Is it really that hard to hire more people to make more bags (aka Hermes and five year waitlists)? No! But it would no longer be exclusive! The more in demand and unattainable the item, the more inflated the prices.  My goal here is not to point out the shallow and absolutely pretentious ideals behind the world that is so fabulous, as I am also so unbelievably in love with it, but I do have times of remorse and absolute guilt.

- Yes, I love fashion.

- Yes, I think that it is another artistic expression that is as powerful as art, sculpture or architecture.

- Yes, I love designers.

- No, I do not like their hefty price tags.

- No, I do not like the idea of wearing exposed and overwhelming labels that directly hint at a price tag. (so tacky)

- Yes, fashion is an outer expression of an inner feeling.

-  Yes, I feel self- conscious every time I lay my eyes on a picture of a model that is so perfect and so perfectly airbrushed at the same time.

- Yes, I know that image is fake and she doesn’t even look like that.

- Yes, I want to look half as good as she does.

- Yes, I believe that style is attainable and no I do think that high-end fashion world is (at least, not for an everyday gals such as myself).

-  Yes, I believe in paying for quality and classics.

-  No, I do not believe in paying more for a designer label.

- I do think the idea of fashion is a complete gimmick.

AND finally

- Yes I feel guilty and stupid for falling for that exact gimmick.

I am just like any other girl who wants to own the latest runways looks, but morally, I cannot accept the ideals behind it all. My values prohibit me from over-indulging. Although I wish I could go ahead and just buy that dream Chanel 2.55, I just cannot bring myself to spend that much at this point in my life. I know that I really want it and I do believe that I will buy it eventually; my goal is to get it once I am comfortable with in my career, as a reward for all of the hard work. At this point in my life, I would like to learn one lesson: to SHOP CONSCISOULY AND INTELLIGENTLY!

After finishing Nina Garcia’s Style Strategy I have realized how much I have wasted on all of the trendy and short-lived items. Although I have been “investing” in basics, I did fall into the whirlpool of purchasing short-lived trends. I have always known the importance of a classic wardrobe over a trendy one!!! Although shopping timelessly is a goal that I have tried to follow, I did fall short of achieving it once in a while.  Right now, half of my closet is packed with items I am very proud of and the other, with items I resent.  I would like to make some changes to my entire perspective on shopping. I have a plan of action based on Garcia’s wonderful advice. Which I intend to follow in order to make myself a conscious, smart shopper!

My goal is to create a classic and yet individual wardrobe AND try to filter out as many trends as possible!

I am starting a new section in my blog that will help me achieve this goal… And I want to take you with me on this journey!

In the second part of this post, I am going to share with you my plan and some simple guide lines I intend on following. Until then stay tuned! I am also going to be revealing the new addition very soon!

What are your thoughts?  Do you agree with me on this topic?Disagree?  Do you think that I am going to achieve my goal? Or brutally fail?

Wishing Everyone a Wonderful Weekend!!!

With Love...


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