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Jewelry is my kryptonite. I am terrible at accessorizing, intimidated by costume jewelry, think wearing pearls is too old, and am reluctant to mix silver and gold jewelry. In a word, I am CONFUSED! To face my dilemma, I decided to consult professionals and gather some visual inspiration.


" Your accessories... tell the world who you are." - Nina Garcia

This is my first attempt to learn how to wear jewelry in a way that truly does make a statement. Hopefully this will also inspire you to face your own fears or to try something new.  S0 shall we :)

Here are suggestions from my favorite fashion books by Nina Garcia... I adore her books :) They are very useful!


As according to Nina Garcia...


"The key to accessorizing is to keep it personal and tasteful."

"To make it personal, wear something that means something to you. And to be tasteful, make sure you don't go overboard, so limit it to one piece. Too much of a good thing can turn into a bad thing fast."

Something to Chose from...


For bold: wear big designs from wrist to elbow.

For glamour: wear thin 18K gold bracelets, no less than six,  it's okay to go vintage.

For fun: look for odd-colored Bakelite from flea markets or cheap Indian bangles.

For a little glitz: thin bangles of small pavé diamonds add fun and sparkle.


Show your creative side. Find ironic designs and large, interesting pieces.

Put them in your  hair, on hats, on unexpected places on your clothing.

Charm Bracelet

A very personal piece that can remind you of big life event.

Consider several charm bracelets and giving each one a theme.

Great item to shop for vintage and looks much more authentic.

Cocktail Ring

The cache of a cocktail ring is being bold, daring and adventurous.

The bigger and bolder, the better.

Wearing costume jewelry is as good as an expensive heirloom.

Be dramatic. It is meant to make a statement and start a conversation.


Try mixing precious and semi-precious cuffs on one arm.

Consider mixing them in with your bangles.

Throw a cuff on each arm.

The four classic materials are: ebony, silver, lucite, and wood.


Diamond Studs

Add sparkle without being obnoxiously in-your-face about it.

Color: the most valuable white diamonds are colorless.

Cut: refers to how skillfully the diamond has been faceted, not the shape.

Clarity: imperfections on the surface are blemishes, and internal fractures are inclusions.

Carat: the measure of the diamond's wright. One carat equals 200 milligrams.

Pearl Necklace

Be creative but don't get too snooty.

Wear them with paper-thin tank top or thick biker chains.

They can be real or they can be fake.

Statement Necklace

Necklaces should be big, and need not be real.

It's best with a plain backdrop. Sometimes, too much is bad.

Your look will never get tired with the right statement necklace.

A good statement necklace is your ultimate "quick change" item.


Watches are pure fashion items, serving as statements rather then timepieces.

You can go really feminine and high-end and get a diamond cocktail watch.

You can go trendy and get the newest plastic watch from Prada or Swatch.

Wear a classic timeless silver design. Or you can opt for a man's watch.


My favorite go-to pieces are a man's watch and diamond studs. However, I am dying to find the perfect cocktail ring such as an Yves Saint Laurent Oval Arty Ring - but in the meantime, I am still getting used to the idea of  "investing" in jewelry as most of my collection is made of gifts with sentimental value.

What are your must-have pieces? What is your everyday jewelry?

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Wishing Everyone a Beautiful Weekend!!!

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Source: fashion gone rogue; Nina Garcia Books

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