How Not To Quit When Everything Is Going Wrong

How Not To Quit When Everything Is Going Wrong


We all know that saying - when it rains, it pours! For me, the simple phrase defined this past April. I faced more adversity in my career last month than I have in the combined 7 years since I began my venture. For the first time, I understood why entrepreneurs quit. It is not for lack of motivation, but for a feeling of defeat. Almost daily, I entertained the option of packing it all in. Yet, here I am. Today’s May 1st. And after weeks of waking every morning, praying another set of bad news doesn’t hit my inbox or phone, I’m hoping that April showers do, in fact, bring May flowers.

I’ll admit, I didn’t want to write about this struggle, as a part of me felt embarrassed. Then I realized that perhaps someone else is going through their own set of twists and turmoils, counting down the hours until May 1st, too. This one is for those of you.

Caught in the eye of the storm, here are the three things that have kept me afloat and sane. Trust me, these are not fluffy, inspirational quotes like, “pressure makes diamonds” that we are flooded with each day. No, words won’t make you feel better, but certain actions might make a difference. These are mine.

Start Learning.

I began to look for solutions as quickly as the problems began to arise—solutions for what caused the issues at hand, and how to avoid repeated situations in the future. Take time to learn. Adjust, but avoid drastic or desperate decisions. Personally, I turn to books to redirect and refocus. We have access to unlimited amounts of information. This is the time to use all of the resources at hand, including people. There is always someone out there who’s faced similar troubles and is there to share their experience. It is a humbling experience to recognize your mistakes and faults.   

Be Alone.

While our instinct might be to surround ourselves with people for support, this is not the time. First you should retreat and spend alone time. Nothing sucks more than doing so, but it is essential to decide on the next moves. Embrace the situation. Be sad. Be in a bad mood. Once you’ve had the time to process, then reach out to those you trust most. Avoid those that will give you the “I told you so”; we don’t need that nonsense right now.

Just Show Up Everyday.

Just show up everyday. Regardless of how unmotivated and beat down you may feel. Just show up and try. It’s easier said than done. I know, trust me. All I still want to do is watch Netflix and feel sorry for myself. However by doing nothing, you put yourself in a worse situation than you’re in now. So put your big girl panties on, and show up. Show up for your team. Show up for your clients. And most importantly, show up for yourself.


I am not sure how long it takes to bounce back and I don’t know how low things get before getting better. What I do know is that despite everything, deep down I have the drive and desire to keep pushing. Even if that comes with tears in my eyes.  

The world always sees one side. The happy and effortless one. Remember, it is ok to cry and feel this way, because we’re all human. In the meantime, take it one day at a time, an hour per day. If you get tired, learn to rest, not quit.

With Love…


Photos by Samantha Quinn

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