Hidden Treasures

Hello Darlings, 

My biggest issue when it comes to accessorizing is JEWELRY. Most of the jewelry I own has meaning to me - either family jewels or gifts. By now, I have a huge collection but I never wear any of it...

Wearing : Swarovski Love Charms Bracelet and Pearl Studs

I love browsing through a  jewelry store looking for my next obsession.  But when going out, I mostly stick with wearing my pearls or diamond studs, and my Swarovski Love Charms Bracelet.

Everything else is mostly just stored nicely away in boxes. I'm hoping that one day, someone will come into my life to change that, until then, I'll try my best to wear everything few times a year (at most)....

Am I the only one dealing with this?

With Love...


Date with Mom .... :)

My Favorite: M Rena Sweater