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Hello Darlings,

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend. Mine was packed with social events and outfit struggles.  But I managed to get through it with a certain amount of satisfaction: P I will certainly share the looks with you, as always.

I wore this out for a night out with one of my girlies. We actually got custom made cookies (Andrew’s and my latest dessert discovery) and of course there was lots and lots of girl talk. I settled for a simple and comfy outfit which I spiced up with my new Henry Duarte Q65 lamb leather blazer from the  fall/winter collection 2009 that my parents got me for Christmas.  I couldn’t wait until spring to wear it out! Plus, it worked so beautifully with my Marc Jacobs Bleecker Street tee.

This blazer is a classic piece, but it makes a bold statement. The classic kimono cut is very flattering and simple, while the soft leather gives it an unexpected touch. It is also a great addition to my BCBG tuxedo blazer that has served me for the last couple of seasons, and that I still adore.

I am wearing: Marc by Marc Jacobs Bleecker Street Tee ( from M by MJ store on Bleecker Street, New York); Henry Duarte Q65 Lamb Leather Blazer ( a gift from my parents); Blank Leggings (from Liv by Au Lit); Marc by Marc Jacobs Purse ( from M by MJ store on  Bleecker Street, New York);  Marc by Marc Jacobs Miss Marc Earrings ( from Bloomingdales Soho, New York); A.V.Max Studded Cuff (from Bluefly.com); American Apparel Headband in Metallic Silver ( AA store, Sherway Gardens);  Stella McCartney Sock Booties ( a gift from parents).

As I’ve mentioned before, I do not like to buy lots of pieces but rather a few that will truly stand out and serve me for a long time. I do not think that it is necessary to always wear something new, but rather believe in working with the pieces one already has. I know that many style blogs do not publish the same pieces many times over but I refuse to follow in these steps, as I think that it is impossible for a student (such as myself) or a young professional to continuously purchase new items. With this in mind, I’ve made it my goal to proudly wear the same pieces in different combinations. I am excited to introduce my latest classic, a piece I look forward to sharing with you over and over again.

In order to complete this look, I pulled my hair up into a messy ballet bun and secured the flyaway’s with a sparkly hair band, which is a nice touch to a gray/black outfit. This also gave me an opportunity to boldly display my beloved Miss Marc earrings, which receive quite a bit of attention in their own right.  These have becomes my “classic-with-a-twist” piece.

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Wishing Everyone a Beautiful Monday!!!

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