Harem, Jumpsuit, Love and Femininity ?

Hello Darlings,

I thought that I would never wear harem pants or a jumpsuit... but look what happened!?!?

I picked up this über (my favorite German word) awesome jumpsuit few days ago. It's like wearing the most comfortable pair of sweatpants outside... not that I ever would. It is also perfect thing to go shopping in ( quick slip off, slip on), which is where I wore this outfit...

I finally had chance to bring out my Juicy flats out of their winter hibernation...I love them to death and it still amazed how new they look ( I've been wearing them for a year)...definitely worth every penny. Love Juicy shoes, super comfortable and the quality is always amazing.

I am wearing:

Necessary Objects cotton jumpsuit

Mackage Leather Jacket

Juicy Couture Ballerinas

A.V. Max Studded Cuff

Ray Ban Wayfarers

As I am doing my research on Lorenzo Lotto's Portrait of the Lady as Lucretia and trying to establish what was seen as feminine/masculine in women in the 1500s, I found this interesting quote by Baldassar Castiglione and though that I would share it with you:

Leggiadria is nothing other... than the observation of an unspoken law, given and promulgated by nature to you women, in moving, behaving, and using thus the whole persona as also the individual members, with grace, modesty, gentleness, measure, elegance, in such a way that no movement, no action, shall be without moderation, without manner, or without design; but, as this unspoken law compels, ordered, composed, regulated, gracious; which law, because it is not written elsewhere but in certain natural judgment that neither knows of itself nor it able to render judgment, if not that nature wishes thus, I have wished to call "unspoken"; which law nevertheless, because books can not teach it nor practice demonstrate it, it not observed commonly by all beautiful women..."

- "Dialog on the Beauty of Women" by Angolo Firenzuola, 1541

I love reading " Renaissance guide books for women on how to be a woman" written by men. It makes you realize exactly where these stereotypes and generalization came from....well now I know, from men like Castiglione and Firenzuola who spend their life's telling how to become a feminine woman and to be more appealing.

Off I go to discover what feminine is...

maybe I can learn a thing or two from these men, haha !!!

With Love...


Sources: fashion spot; lolita

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