Play It Your Way For Halloween

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Halloween can be the most fun date night of the year. So to get you in the "Role Playing" spirit, relationship expert Jen Kirsch from  Cosmo TV show Love Trap has agreed to share her tips, tricks, and advice. And for outfit ideas - costumes in the photos are  available at La Vie en Rose stores - who also have a twitter contest for readers to win $50 La Vie en Rose gift certificates (see below).

Congratulations to winners Madiha Aziz and David Nguyen! Happy Halloween everyone!

Halloween Police Woman Costume

 Kirsch Tip #1  -  How to Bring up the Topic of Role Playing

If you and your other half are pretty routine in the bedroom, and haven't done much exploring (if you will) then it may be intimidating to introduce the topic. To avoid feeling rejected or judged by bringing it up, perhaps comment that you read a book about it (think Fifty Shades of Grey) or that you just love that Modern Family episode (My Funky Valentine, Season 1) where Phil and Claire role play. Then, ask if your partner would ever be in to trying that in your couple...

Little Red Riding Hood

Kirsch Tip #2 - Another Way to Introduce Role Playing

Another tip on how to bring it up, is to mention the topic when things are hot and heavy. When "in the moment", it's more natural  to disclose sexual details and fantasies than during a normal conversation. So during your next sac sesh, try asking your partner in a sexy voice what you can dress up as for him? Say you were checking out Halloween costumes and thought you could have fun with them behind closed doors, and want to know which ones would appeal to him.

Kirsch Trick #1 - Getting Yourself in the Mood

If this is your first time "Role Playing" or trying anything unconventional (so to speak), you may want to loosen up with a drink, or perhaps calm your nerves by hitting the yoga mat for a relaxing flow class. Just be sure that you're in the right head space, since there is nothing sexier than a confident woman! Whether it's making an appointment to get yourself groomed, slipping into a bubble bath, lighting some candles or listening to smooth music, set yourself in the right mood so you can radiate that infectious confidence.

Halloween Cat Woman Costume

Kirsch Advice #1 - Always Have a Safe Word

The idea of role playing may tickle your fancy, but in the act it may make you uncomfortable or your partner may take it too far. There is nothing wrong with stopping the scene, and have a "safe word" so your partner knows you're serious about stopping, and not just "playing the role" of a tease.

 Kirsch Advice #2 - Don't Break Character

 A major part of the allure is taking on another character; another persona. While it may feel cheesy and/or kinky, commit to taking your role seriously and see it through. Your partner will feel less vulnerable and more willing to open up, without feeling like it's a joke or that they're being judged.

Halloween Bride Costume

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