Candela Oxfords

Hello Darlings, 

My Revolve Clothing packages arrived, which included my new Candela Oxfords!!! I fell in in love the moment I saw them, but was patient for them to go on sale from $243 to $121, which was well worth the wait.

No longer associated with salesmen and schoolgirls, flat oxfords have been updated in enough colors and finishes to please every whimsy. With charming simplicity and delicate detail, they are more beautiful than I expected. They are my new substitutes for an all time favorite ballerinas!

Candela Oxfords are delicate and feminine. The leather is so soft, plus I love that there a no laces since it makes them even more interesting. They are perfect shoes for summer, and add a unique touch to a subtle and simple wardrobe - just how I like it, simple outfit with interesting details.

Today's outfit, consisted of my new favorites paired with all gray. I adore gray-on-gray with just a touch of color, such as this purple bag. Also, I've decided that rolling up jeans is a fabulous way to showcase gorgeous footwear and achieve a more casual look.

I am wearing:

French Connection Shirt

Abercrombie & Fitch Skinnies

Candela Tokyo Oxfords

Regina Italia Handmade Leather Purse

A.V. Max Cuff

Tungsten Ring courtesy Superior Wedding Rings Jewelers


On another note, I watched the Vanity Fair movie and was surprised that 300 hundred pages of Thackeray's work was condensed into 20 minutes and the ending was completely opposite of the book. I hate when movies change the meaning of the books, especially in such a powerful and significant work as this. It is a decent film,  but it does not do the book any justice. The plot was far too simplified and did not portray the true intentions of the author - who is so brilliant.

I wish you all a lovely day!!!
With Love... Marta

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