Girly girl in a man's man world .... :P

Hello Darlings, 

I had an action packed weekend, including on Friday going to a football game. I had a blast, even though our team lost (I was told that happens a lot). Although surrounded by about 85% men (not complaining) I felt so comfortable with my own beer in hand....

After the game, we went to the game's after party and the rest is a history :P But I will admit that my preference is  going to Maple Leaf hockey games, not that they win either :)

I'm a girly girl but still love sports and even used to play baseball on school team... So here is my question : CAN A GIRLY GIRL BE A TOMBOY AT HEART?

Johnny Dale who is an author of The Darling Budds , mentioned my post

about scarves in his awesome blog - thank you so much :)


With Love...


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