Gifts, Latex and Soia Kyo

Hello Darlings,

The moment I saw these latex babies, I knew that my world was changing.... I always thought that I would be the last person to wear latex anything, but here I am searching for a pair of latex tights...


While looking for a gift for my boyfriend, I found a new coat for myself by a chance. Yet another Soia&Kyo ( i love Soia Kyo jackets). Yes, I suck at buying gift for men... I feel like I have already given him all the classic manly gifts that a girlfriend can get. HELP!


 I am wearing: Soia &Kyo Wool Coat in White Hayden Cashmere Dress Moschino Suede Gloves Michael Kors booties Gap Leather Purse Calvin Klein Opaque Tights in Black


Can you believe winter 2008 hasn't started and the designers are already showing Pre-Fall 2009 Collections. Am I the only one who feels like fashion is getting way tooooo far ahead of itself. I haven't had the time to look at all of the Spring 2009 collections and the fall is already out ... Are you serious? :S


I apologize for responding to your comments quickly... I can't wait to get Starbucks on Monday night and read all of your amazing blogs and respond to your sweet comments .I wish you all a fabulous weekend.

With Love... Marta


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Trip Prep.... Marc Jacobs Sunglasses

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