Formula that always works...

Hello Darlings, 

Some things just need to stay simple. When I am overwhelmed with school, the last thing I need is extra worrying about what to wear. Although it would be a miracle if I could wake up and know exactly what to wear instead of walking into my closet...making a complete mess, sort out a million things on my bed and always end up late, in a rush and somewhat dissatisfied with what I wore. I always have a feeling that I know exactly what I want to wear but as soon as I step into that closet... I am overwhelmed! With a walk-in full of clothes ... It feels like I don't have anything to wear?!!!???? It drives me nuts!!!!

I know ladies that many of you feel this way in the mornings as what is your secret or that perfect thing that you always reach for in such cases??? You know, the formula that always work????

I am wearing:Club Monaco tee (underneath); Soia&Kyo Charlie Jacket; Corpus Skinnies;  Ed Hardy Scarf; Pedro Garcia Mary Janes; Gap Leather Purse; Pearl Earrings; Diamond Ring courtesy Jewelers; Chanel Sunglasses.

For me that formula is simple.... skinny jeans, simple tee, cute jacket, scarf, heel/flats., sunglasses.It is always a variety of the sameness. To a certain degree awesome, since I know it works but at the same time I feel bored... knowing that I can always resort to my safe bet. Plus, these new babies are becoming my absolutely favorites and I don't seem to be willing to take them off... they are soooooo comfortable it still amazes me :)

However, I have a plan of action:

- Re-organize my closet..and make a post on it( yup, I will have a post coming up talking about different ways I organize my walk-in as a few of you have requested) - Draw some inspiration from my favorite Fall 09 fashion shows and random sources. - Settle down with school work and prevent it from overwhelming me. First weeks are the hardest, always. - Go shopping with mommy! - Remember: Breeze and Relax!!!
Well, I am off to read....

I wish you all a stunning day!!!

With Love... Marta

Designer Legs....

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