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Hello Darlings

Ever wondered what people wear to their exercise class or gym? I always do!

I decided to take up yoga to strengthen my core and to reduce back and neck pain. My first challenge was finding a studio, and the second was finding adorable exercise gear. Yes, that means that I actually had to make my first trip to Lululemon. I am generally okay with Lululemon, I am just not a fan of how so many people decided that Lululemon, or for that matter any exercise gear, can be worn as everyday clothing.

I love Lululemon gym wear, as they have great variety and quality. But I have an issue paying $80 for a athletic pants, and they make me uncomfortable as I feel naked as if my bottom is exposed to the whole world. I don’t understand why people would want to face that terror every day. I deal with my fear only for the sake of yoga and my appreciation of the ability to freely stretch without being restricted by excess material.

To balance out über-tight pants, I was on a mission to find a top that was flow-y, cute, and long enough for me to feel comfortable, and found this Stella McCartney for Adidas exercise polo. The top covers my bottom and makes me feel comfortable, although I wear a sports tank underneath to avoid accidents. And yes, I managed to find a sports tank and matching socks :P Details, darlings! It is all in the details. For yoga, as for any other exercise, it is essential that you feel comfortable… but feeling cute is also important.

I am wearing:

lululemon wunder under crop pants

Adidas by Stella McCartney polo ( from Holt Renfrew)

Marc by Marc Jacobs Scarf(from Holt Renfrew)

Coach Sneakers (from Coach)

Sonia Rykiel pour H&M tote (from H&M)

H&M bow headband

La Senza yoga mat

After yoga, I often stop by Starbucks for an Americano and actually feel comfortable wearing my yoga gear with the help of cute accessories, of course. Yesterday, I wore my leather jacket, added a colorful scarf which matched my new Sonya Rykiel pour H&M tote and sneakers.

Also, I keep my hair back, and to avoid looking like hot-mess, I always wear my hair in a ballet bun and secured with a bow headband. Ballet bun sits at the top of your head and is very tight and secured with pins. It I always best to keep you hair out of your face when exercising. Also, stay away from any kind of make-up… this is gym not a club. Why would you want to do that to your skin, anyway? I always carry a pack of facial wet napkins to remove excess oil as well as sunglasses in case I am feeling “ugly”.

It is possible to look cute in your exercise gear and feel comfortable enough for a quick coffee after. But please do not wear exercise gear as everyday clothing. There are plenty of choices just as comfortable. I do not mean to insult anyone and if that is what you love I hope you’ll share cute outfit ideas with me — although I feel strongly about wearing them only where they belong.

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