Flare + Guess Launch, H&M Pre-MMVA Party, and YYZ Launch: not every encounter is meant to be comfortable

Hello Darlings,

There are days when the city comes alive with events. Thursday, June 16th was one such day. Toronto was abuzz with multiple events. For me, this meant attending four soirees in 12 hours. I went from a lunch to preview Converse’s fall 2011 line, to Flare + Guess’s Launch Party, to H&M pre-MMVA party, and finally to the launch of YYZ Magazine.

During such events, a girl is bound to speak to a number of new and interesting people, as mingling and networking is one of the purposes of these events; however not every conversation is a winner, and there are times when a girl is stuck in the sticky situation of talking to a nosy stranger. Socializing is definitely a skill that one acquires over time, and I assure you that I am far from being good at it. In person, I am quite shy and reserved, and sparking a conversation and making best-friends with strangers is not my area of expertise.

While many kinds of conversations are meant to happen organically, some situations, such as gracefully accepting a compliment, talking to a rude person and avoiding an argument, can be prepared for. I found the following tips, from How To Live Like a Lady by Sarah Tomczak, to be quite useful in keeping me at my most proper in situations that could get a girl flustered. I hope they help you as well; it is better to be prepared than to be stuck in a sticky situation.

How to accept a compliment...

  • Just smile and say a genuine thank you.
  • Don’t be bashful or embarrassed and don’t negate the flattery by denying it or causing too much of a fuss.
  • Resist the urge to divulge too much unnecessary information. Example: If someone admires your dress, don’t tell them where you bought it and exactly how much you paid.
  • While accepting a compliment gracefully is appropriate, agreeing with it wholeheartedly is most certainly NOT.
  • With Love… Note: Just be genuine and sincere. Always respond with a smile.

…And How to Bestow a Compliment

  • Be careful to bestow compliments only when you really mean what you say
  • An old-fashioned rule of thumb is that men love to be complimented on their conversation and women on their closet.
  • If you do coo over a fabulous handbag, just remember that asking where it was purchased can be a delicate matter, and asking how much it cost is always inappropriate.
  • With Love… Note: Mean what you say and compliment genuinely. Otherwise don’t do it at all.

How to React to Rude People...

  • Diffuse the situation with a smile and say, “Oh, that’s not a very polite thing to say!”
  • If asked an offensive question, try saying: “I don’t think I feel like answering that” while also smiling.
  • If you cannot clear the air without becoming angrier in the process, ask if you can continue discussion at a later date.
  • With Love…Note: When dealing with rude people always be pleasant and NEVER lose your sense of manners. Be respectful regardless of a situation and politely walk away.

Art of Arguing...

  • Whether you are complaining to a shop assistant about a faulty pair of shoes or confronting a colleague about a work issue, keep a clear head and try to remain composed.
  • Offer solutions to a problem and be accommodating as you can without compromising too much.
  • Don’t use obscene language.
  • Don’t make personal attacks.
  • Don’t make sweeping accusations.
  • Don’t raise your voice.
  • With Love… Note: When stuck in such a situation, remain calm and focused. Be reasonable and polite.

Over the course of maintaining this blog, I have come to face various situations of dealing with people regarding both pleasant and intrusive topics; however socializing and meeting new people is definitely one of life’s gifts. When meeting new people it is very important to be respectful and thoughtful. I think that in our society a lot of social conduct has been blurred. In personal or professional life, being able to handle every situation with grace and respect is a lesson that every woman should practice. I thought that the pointers below would be useful in helping my lovely readers be prepared for the unexpected. :)

I am wearing:
IRO Tiaz Dress thanks to SSENSE
Henry Duarte No. Q65 Lamb Leather Blazer
Marc by Marc Jacobs Vinty Wedge Pumps thanks to SSENSE
Marc by Marc Jacobs "New Q" Wristlet
Michael Kors Watch
14k diamond ring thanks to ice. com jewelers

While your personal demeanor is important, the importance of a carefully- chosen wardrobe cannot be forgotten. Due to the fact that E and I attended three events in a row, outfit changes were not possible. As a result, I decided on a look that was going to carry me through the evening. I chose to pair my new Iro dress with a suede blazer and neutral pumps. The leopard clutch I added was a perfect fit for functional fashion.

Happy Long Weekend!!!

With Love...


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