Finding a Perfect Purchase

Hello Darlings, Have you ever noticed that random shopping excursions tend to result in our best purchases?

A wandering stroll leads to a curious browse through my favourite store, which often follows in a purchase that I absolutely adore. Whether a beautiful new dress or that perfect designer steal; maybe my relaxed mood and the thrill of the find elevates my feelings about my new purchase.

On the other hand, having a plan and an exact idea can backfire. When shopping for an exact item, things are often complicated. For example, for a month I was searching for a cute beach bag. While looking through countless stores, I got to thinking that finding exactly what you want within a budget and on a short span of time is nearly impossible, and tends to result in a regrettable purchase.

I did find an adorable tote that I thought was perfect. But thankfully I had the self-control to stop short of spending the $350 price tag for something that I would rarely use. As I contemplated instead the purchase of a cloth bag with bright colours, I figured that no way on Earth would I ever again feel pressured into buying an overpriced item just because it was on my list. So on the trip, my favourite Coach satchel did the trick.

I AM WEARING: Club Monaco Sofie Blouse // Diane Von Furstenberg  Roccoco Amour Jacket // Club Monaco Zowie Skirt // Coach Madison Leather Lindsay Satchel // Sergio Zelcer Teeny Flat //3.1 Phillip Lim Simon Sunglasses

So in case you are planning your own get-away this winter, I’ve come up with a list of items that every girl should consider prior to hitting a beach. That way when casual shopping when those great sales come around, you might only pay $50 for that $350 bag that you really loved.

For my next excursion, my own must-have list includes:

• beach tote

• beach towel

• Sunglasses

• Flip flops

• Multiple fun bathing suits

• A few cover-ups

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