Financial Literacy for Women

Hello Darlings, 

I've become interested to learn as much about finance management. Maybe it's the influence of one of my girlies, who specializes in the area and who obsessively reads finance and investment books.

Her constant talk of money-management has got me obsessing over being financially literate. So I have realized that it is essential that every woman creates a steady groundwork upon which she can build a stable future.

Financial independence is important and being smart about it is the only logical path. Maybe, it's a because I am an immigrant and have this need to establish myself, so all of the sacrifices that my parents have made don't go down the drain.  Or maybe it's because my parents always raised me to only count on myself.

I want to make sure that the day I graduate... I will be able to manage my finance and make smart decisions. No matter how wonderful it feels to put on that new cocktail dress at the end of the really don't want your money where you can see it: hanging in your closet! Sorry Carrie... Bradshaw that is! :P  Carrie famously said,  I like my money right where I can see it: hanging in my closet.  An adorable quote, but a dreaded reality!

Therefore, starting today... I'm having a blog make-over and introducing topics that are relevant to different aspects of life and not just fashion!!! Do you have any topics that you would like to discuss or for me to cover??? Of course, fashion will always be the primary topic but there's so much more to discuss... :)

As a first step to educate myself, I've invited personal finance expert Manisha Thakor to write a post on basic finance rules that every young woman needs to know. She is a Harvard MBA and a former portfolio manager turned finance literary advocate for women. Manisha is the co-author of two critically acclaimed personal finance books for women: On my own two feet and Get Financially Naked. She blogs about personal finance at The Huffington Post and and appears regularly on the nationally syndicated NPR show, 51% - The Women's Perspective. I will have that post up on Wednesday, November 17.

Wishing Everyone A Beautiful Day!!!

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