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Hello Darlings,

Just a quick post before I run out to meet one of my besties for some chitchat at my favorite dessert place in Toronto called Nadege :)  My apologies for the absence but as some of you might already know I am going trough some changes. Among the changes is my wardrobe, bathroom and bedroom overhaul...

I spent  ridiculous amount of time yesterday just picking out a table lamp :P When I set my mind to creating drastic changes, it is going to be d-r-a-s-t-i-c! I am stubborn in that sense, but it's amazing what one can do when you put your mind to it. So my darlings, I say just go for it and try something new!

Let's just say, I've been trying something new in many areas of my life :) I've been trying to weed out all of my summer "must-buys" and focus on what it is that I already own. Well, small here and there purchases are just little treats! But I am staying away from any "major" shopping sprees. I am not the one to follow "can't-wear-the-same-piece-twice" rule :)  For example, I am in love with my Talula Babaton beige shorts and the Wildred tan belt combination! In all honesty, I don't really care that I have worn this "short+belt" combo here, here, and here. It actually annoys me when people don't make the best of what they have and are constantly looking for something new. So save your hard earned money, and enjoy what you already have!

I have a formula that works for me. At times, I go outside my comfort zone and explore accessorizing old outfits with a funky shoe or quirky jewelry.  Find your own inspiraton either in a book, magazine, street or a blog and just go from there.

I am wearing:
Club Monaco Shirt—from Club Monaco
Talula Babaton beige Shorts—from Aritzia
Wilfred Leather Neutral Belt— from Aritzia
Marc by Marc Jacobs " House of Cards Court Harem" ring set— from shopbop.com
Michael Kors Watch—a gift
Ray Ban Wayfarer II—from smartbuyglasses.ca 
Juicy Couture "Rose"  in natural snake—from Neiman Marcus

As for today's outfit, this is a little number that I wore to a casual museum/gallery interview :) I don't want to share any details about the opportunity, but I am psyched to be considered for the position. So fingers crossed :) The down side, it was over +32 degrees and I was melting away. So the most optimal choice was to wear a crisp white shirt, a light pair of shorts and comfy flats. I don't know why but heels seems to be too complicated and exhausting in smoldering heat, maybe it's just me. Following the interview, my mom and I stopped by my favorite patisserie, Nadege for Americanos and macaroons. We tend to spend quite a bit of time after her work just catching up, at at times we make it a family affair...and include dad and Johnny ( my Cocker Spaniel). As I've mentioned I am close with my family and spending time with them is always pure bliss! If you love sweets this place is a must-go! It is ideal for some fun girlie times or maybe a casual date :)

Do you like re-wearing items?

What is your favorite item to re-wear in the summer?

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