Exam Survival

Hello Darlings,
Well, since many of you already know I am in the midst of my finals and finishing up my research project. Although I should be in a panic mode, thinking how miserable my life is right now and what a hermit I have turned into. Not caring about anything but school and accept that my nails are growing a mile long cuticles, my split ends are driving me nuts, and my face is starting to break out as if I just hit puberty.WELL, NO MORE OF THAT !!!!!!
I am embracing a new approach... and ways to handle exam period.
I am going to continue to make myself feel great... including not postponing my eyebrow appointment for the tenth time and not canceling my hair appointment that is coming up.I am going to do my nail and toes. I am going to be in control of my life and my school overload. I refuse to become one of those student who's miserable.


Therefore I decided to make an inspiration post that will inspire me to stay positive, to remember to feel great, and to take a moment to breath.

FEEL Fabulous
I've been spending long hours at the library or at home studying or running errands or going to meetings and doing a million other things. When overwhelmed with so much, the last thing I want is to complicate my life worrying about how I look. During such time, I want to feel fabulous but in a way that is quick and comfortable.

Feel Chic
  • Wear things that make me feel comfortable and chic.

  • Wear pretty accessories to add a girly touch and make any simple outfit feel more special
  • Wear pretty flats for comfort, but sometimes resort to heels for a touch of fierceness :P

Stella McCartney Cherry Thong Sandals; Bloch patent leather flats ( I have them in black/white and now I want this color); Juicy Couture Rose flats; Lanvin Leather ballerina flats.

Feel Pretty
  • I don't want to wear too much make up. I hate feeling like I am melting away, therefore hate wearing too much make up.
- Just a touch of pretty pink lip gloss/lipstick, mascara, blush and a bit of translucent powder (to control the shine and have matte look), and of course well done eye brown ( 've been getting my threaded for years, painful but the results are amazing).

Feel Neat
  • Simple natural hair or put it up in a neat pony or a loose bun. Always neat.
  • Pretty nails always make me feel neat.
Venus di Violet;Done Out in Deco; Holy Pink Pagoda!
  • Take time off.

- go quickie shopping.
- spend time with the loved ones and friends.

  • Indulge
- take a quick break and have an espresso and a cupcake!
- relax in a bubble bath!

  • Look Forward

- to the summer
- to my vacation

  • Remember

- to sleep


I wish you all a beautiful and positive day!!!

With Love...

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