Everything You Need To Know About Your Hair Color

Hello Darlings,

While getting my hair color with the brilliant Rebecca from EXIT Salon, I made it my mission to find out the basics of hair color. What to look for, where to go, what to ask about, and what to avoid. So today I've outlined the basics of what every girl ought to know about her hair color.

First Steps to New Color

1. Get recommendations

If you see a girl with hair that you love, ask her about it. It's a huge compliment.

2. Be Aware of the Location

Choose a salon in a practical location, not one that is going to be a challenge to visit.

3. Book a Consultation

Be sure your consultation is before and separate from the appointment.

Get to know your colorist before, and be sure it's what you want.

Getting to Know the Colorist

1. Choose someone who takes the time to understand the history of your color.

The color may have washed out ages ago, but pigment may still affect the final result.

2.  You want a colorist that knows and understands what your goal is.

Be Prepared

1. Show your colorist images of styles and colors that you love.

For color, images are much better than hair swatches.

Hair swatches are made of plastic that was tinted to approximate the color.

2. Good colorists will understand what you love about your hair.

The darker shade or the lighter highlights in the front. Or the copper shade.

Changing Hair Color

1. Transitioning between two colors and maintaining hair quality takes time.

From medium brown to blond will take about 3 sets of full highlights over 8 to 12 weeks.

Overall, it takes about 8 to 9 months to make a drastic transition between colors.

2.  While in transition go for treatments between highlight appointments.

Protein based treatments strengthen your hair, exactly what you want while in transition.

Oil based treatment are good for softness and shine.


1. Frequency of your visits depend on your hair and how much grey you have.

Women with lots of grey tend to need touch ups every 3 weeks to 6 weeks.

If grey is no issue and you are using gloss colors, you can stretch the time to 8 weeks.

After 8 weeks any color, permanent or semi-permanent is going to fade and look dull.

Gloss colors are semi-permanent or sometimes called demi-permanent.

Gloss colors do not have ammonia, so they do not leave a solid demarcation line at the roots.

2. Color Longevity

Red is most difficult to keep, with solid blond re-growth is an issue.

To prolong your color go for salon quality color safe shampoo and conditioner.

If you're buying in a drug store, avoid anything that is volumizing or cleansing.

Drug store brands are often strip all of the oils and anything heavy out of your hair.

Volumizing shampoos are harsh on color and drying.

Sun is the worst enemy of hair color - so beware!

Washing Your Hair and What Not To Do

1. Do NOT shampoo your hair everyday.

Everyday shampooing increases sebum production, therefore making your hair oilier.

As water washes out oil, shampoo is only necessary for heavy products.

Ideally, shampoo your hair every 3 days.

2. To transition, you have to "re-train" your hair. This takes no more than 2 weeks.

When you're transitioning, just rinse and then condition the ends. No shampoo.

When conditioning, place the most on the ends and not at the crown.

Do NOT condition from front to back.

If you have a fringe, shampoo your bangs more frequently.

To prolong your look, try dry shampoo.

If You Hate the Color

1. If you don't like the color, express your concern as soon as possible.

A good colorist will address the concern right away.

2. Don't wait.

There is nothing worse for a colorist then not knowing that you hate the outcome.

3. Poor technique

If the problem is more then just not liking the color, rather a flaw in their technique; ask to see a senior colorist.

4. Senior VS Junior Colorists

The difference is years of experience and the number of taken courses.

Colorists should be up-to-date on the trends.  EXIT Salon colorists take two classes a year.

It's okay to try a junior stylist as they will be motivated to establish their reputation.

This is especially great for young women on a budget.

Some key things that I have learned are that professional products do make a difference and that they are worth the extra cost. Also, I am now on a personal mission to wash my hair less.

I would like to thank Rebecca for the amazing job that she did and for sharing sooo much useful information. In the next post, I will cover styling tips and tricks from Leland. Stay tuned new post coming up tomorrow!

What are your hair color tips and tricks???

With Love...



Image Source: Elle Mexico

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