Spring Break: Eight Travel Tips

Hello Darlings, With Facebook and Twitter buzzing with reading week and spring break chit chat, thought to add my two cents on prepping for travel. Something as simple as choosing toiletry basics can make your trip the least stressful. Every girl knows how a chipped nail can spoil an otherwise wonderful day, so pack your toiletries first to ensure you have all the daily essentials.

For those of you who are packing for a trip, pay extra attention to what you pack in your toiletry kit. Of course, a variety of clothes for your day-to-day activities are a must but certain things a girl just shouldn't travel without.Toiletry kit should be well thought out and planned to ensure that you have everything for every occasion. Travel size items are key, especially if you're travelling with only a carry-on.

Here’s my short list of toiletry essentials:

1. Favorite Hair Care Products

Purchase in travel size to make it through airport security, because when traveling the last thing you should worry about is having a bad hair day.

2. Make-up Kit

Bring your everyday make up with you on the plane. Don’t forget to powder your nose and add a touch of lip-gloss before leaving the plane.

3. Nail Kit

To me, a spoiled manicure is likely to spoil my day.

4. Tweezers

I regularly get my eye brows threaded, but tweezers are great for extended travel (anything over 2 days).

5. Razor

Waxed or not, you don’t want leave home without one.

6. Moisture Mask and Regular Skin Care Products

Travel usually takes a toll on your skin but having a travel size of your favourite moisturizing mask can preserve your glow. As much as possible, during trips I try to maintain my regular skin care routine.

7. Aloe Vera Gel

It is a gentle and non-oily way to moisturize.

8. First Aid Kit

Every girl should have a small first aid kit in her luggage, even if it is just for an unexpected blister or a headache.

I AM WEARING: Diane Von Furstenberg Jane Bikini // Twenty8Twelve  Silk Dress // Sergio Zelcer Teeny Flats

Whether you are having fun in the sun or hitting the slopes, drastic temperature changes can really damage your hair. I am sure that many of you know healthy hair is hard to maintain, and this is especially the case when traveling a lot. I turned to my trusted hair colourist and stylist—Rob and Leland—from EXIT Salon for advice. Their tricks and my tips are coming up next week.

What are your travel essentials?
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