Dirty Little Secrets

Hello Darlings, Do you know those days when you just don’t feel like spending that hour getting ready? When styling your hair seems like a chore, or when matching heels to an outfit is a dreaded task. Yes, one of those days! When you just want to get up and go without preening or primping; a day when men seems to have all the luck with their ten minute get-ready routine.

Naturally, no girl wants to sacrifice the cuteness factor due to sheer lack of enthusiasm for the hair dryer and mascara. This is when those nifty shortcuts that we learn through experience and harsh reality of womanhood come in handy. Of course, every girl has her own secrets, the kind of knowledge that needs to be shared so as many of us can benefit :)

I present my list of dirty little secrets:

  •  Dry shampoo is perfect for lazy days and for travel. I sometimes use it between washes, but must note that I always pull my hair up as nothing compares to a fresh blow out.
  • Think of up-do’s and add a fun touch such as a headband of an interesting pin. The look can be polished and shows effort, so no one needs to be the wiser that you skipped a wash.
  • Eyelash extensions are pricey but are perfect for those times when make-up is an obstacle. They are perfect for vacation on the beach. No need for make-up and the eyes look bright and defined.
  • Sunglasses are perfect for those days when you don’t want to face the world. They not only cover tired eye but also add a touch of mystery.
  • Blush and Lipstick. Nothing makes you look fresher than a touch of pink on your cheeks and a smear of lipstick.
  • NEVER resort to sweats and yoga wear for comfort as it will only make you feel sloppy. When feeling down always wears a cute “stand-by” outfit, it will lift your spirits. Also, no one needs to know that you’re not feeling 100% fabulous!
  •  If you are mani/pedi perfectionist and can’t stand a tiniest chip, settle for beige if you know that you have to expend your mani/pedi’s lifespan. Red and vivid colour take lots of maintenance.
  •  Never skip on perfume. It just a matter of staying true to your femininity. Scent is everything.
  • Ballerinas are always best choice of flats. They are dainty and adorable. No running shoes and definitely no Uggs!
  •  Fun Umbrellas. Every girl hates rainy days as there is no way to stay fabulous when frizz is taking over. When Mother Nature throws a curve-ball, strike back with a bold and fun statement. It just makes a day seem brighter to you and those around.
  •  For those really crummy days, snuggle away from the world with a good book or re-runs of Sex and the City. Cute pj’s or robe is a must!

I AM WEARING: Tory Burch  Marlena Top // Club Monaco  Zowie Skirt // Alexander McQueen Razor Necklace // J.Crew Classic Leather Ballerinas // Kate Spade Little Blaine Satchel //Jonathan Adler Scales Umbrella

The other day was one of those days; I skipped on styling my hair and instead went for something new. I tried a fun up-do that came together by chance, and wore my trusty skirt and newly favourite top with a pair of beloved ballerinas. To add to my down day, it was a murky day with scattered showers. On grey days, avoid dull umbrellas. If it’s crummy outside, who wants to be stuck under a grey umbrella. Blah! Have fun and go for bold and bright! As I pulled out all of my dirty secrets, the day seemed to improve with every effort.

Your turn, what are some of your dirty little secrets?

With Love...


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