Defining Wardrobe Classics

Defining Wardrobe Classics

Hello Darlings,Every woman has her wardrobe classics that she turns to when facing a wardrobe dilemma. Of course over years fashion has dictated what those classics are and how we should define them. I do agree that certain items are timeless and should be found in certain wardrobes, I do however find that not all of them apply towards needs of every woman. As every woman is unique as should the list of her classics be.

This week as I was highlighting some of my spring #FaveFinds for Sherway Gardens, I realized that many of them were some of my favorite wardrobe staples but updated with a new twist. Whether it is be a new texture, cut, or embellishment it is nothing to feel guilty over. I've done that for a long time!I felt guilty for buying an item that felt similar to the one that I owned. A classic is a classic and it belongs in your wardrobe. Girl, if you love it then go for it!

So while a fashion magazine may dictate that every woman needs to have a pencil skirt, I'm going to go ahead and admit that I personally don't like them. Instead I prefer an a-line skirt. My point is that do not be too keen on staying with the fashion rules of what's in, what's out and what is considered to be a classic. Play by your own rules of what you think works for your life. So while many would say that jeans are a must, I more often do prefer to wear a skirt. So that is not to say that I do not wear them, it's just that my priority tends to be a skirt or a dress. So wardrobe classics always need to be defined by a woman's personal taste.

I AM WEARING :    Vince    Leather & Wool Jacket  //  Mason  Leather Insert Dress //   Christian Louboutin    Bille et Boule Pumps //    Christian Louboutin    Sweet Charity Purse //    Thomas Sabo    Anklet

I AM WEARING: Vince Leather & Wool Jacket // Mason Leather Insert Dress // Christian Louboutin Bille et Boule Pumps // Christian Louboutin Sweet Charity Purse // Thomas Sabo Anklet

In my case over the year I've discovered that my wardrobe always includes the following 5 categories that I would call classics:

1.Neutral Colored Tops which range from white, black to grey. The fit can vary from cropped tops to silk blouses for as long as the color is neutral.

#Fave Find:  Club Monaco Prudence Silk Blouse, available at Sherway Gardens.

2.A Line Skirts that highlight my waist but add volume to the bottom which I have none of. Essentially I love a feminine silhouette that does not wrap my body but rather focuses on one area. So bandage dresses and pencil skirts are typically not my classic choices.

#Fave Find: BCBGMAXAZRIA Jacquard Skirt, available at Sherway Gardens.

3.Fun Heels are a must for me. Since I prefer my clothing to have simple design and favor neutral colors, my shoes are typically fun and attention grabbing. This is an area that I love to play with.

#Fave Find:Stuart Weitzman  LoverFringe Sandals, available at Sherway Gardens.

4.A girlish dress is a my favorite item of clothing! Similar to what I enjoy in skirts, I love a dress that highlights the waist.

#Fave Find: Babaton Bennettt Dress, available at Sherway Gardens in Aritzia.

5.Ballerina flats are my absolute must have for a casual shoe. I just find that it is the most flattering of all selection as well as versatile.

#Fave Find: Aldo Woreria Flats, available at Sherway Gardens.

Sherway Gardens

Sherway Gardens

As with an outfit that I wore to World MasterCard Fashion Week last month it's a perfect example what I would consider to consist of all my favorite wardrobe classics. A feminine dress, with a classic coat and a fun shoe. It is feminine, simple and chic. I enjoy a look that is not overtly complicated and allows me to stand out as a woman, rather than having all of the attention go to the outfit.

When going shopping always keep in mind what you love and make decisions based on what works for you rather than what fashion dictates.

Also, don't  forget to enter the Spring #FaveFinds Contest that I am hosting with Sherway Gardens. All that you have to do is share your finds with me on Instagram or Twitter and WIN $175 Shop! Card from Cadillac Fairview. For full rules and regulations please see here.

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Images by Stefania Yarhi

*in collaboration with Cadillac Fairview Corporation Limited. The views and opinions expressed are my own.

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