Crisp... in Susana Monaco

Hello Darlings, 

Although playing dress-up can be fun... sometimes you're just not in the mood. Saturday evening, Andrew and I were going to a farewell party in Yorkville and I was dying to wear my Armani Exchange Dress. But at the last minute, I just couldn't bear the thought of wearing a dress.

I was craving to wear something simple, detailed and sensual - an understated look that would make me feel relaxed all night, rather than worry if my dress is flying up ( it was a windy night). So this is what I settled for...

I wore two of my latest purchases... my new Susana Monaco top and a new pair of J Brand jeans. When ordering, I thought the top would only be for everyday life. Boy was I wrong... it is everything but simple. The fit is amazingly flattering, and the cut is simple but risque. The color is crisp and the material is super soft. I am definitely looking to buy more things from Susana Monaco collection.

As for the J Brand Jeans, well they are perfect as always. I am huge fan of their jeans. The fit is very flattering and the quality is amazing. I strongly recommend them, they are worth every penny.

I am wearing:
J Brand Jeans;
Mackage Leather Jacket; 


I also splurged on these two items by Dior and OPI.

♥  The color of the lip gloss is perfect for summer; bright but not overwhelming.

♥  This polish looks amazing and gives that perfect pop of color. Try it !!!


I wish you all a lovely Monday!!!

Nervous Wreck...

Pink Dress from Armani Exchange