Courtesy Santa Claus...and Happy Holidays Darlings!!!

Happy Holidays Darlings!!!
The stilettos were hung by the chimney with care,
in hopes that  St. Loubotin soon would be there.... 

HAPPY HOLIDAYS from With Love....
Sip in the  the couture & savor the season!!!!

New to my closet courtesy Santa Clause...I guess,I was a good girl this year :)

Stella McCartney  Sock Booties ♥ I love them to death.  Amazingly comfortable and so beautiful. They are the perfect addition to my all time favorite Michael Kors Booties. I can't wait to wear them out :)

♥ Michael Kors  Midsized Chronograph  Watch ♥ I've wanted this watch for about 2 years now. Andrew surprised me with it today :)  Now we have matching Kors watches, except  his is silver ( I got it for his graduation)....tehe

♥ Henry Duarte Q65 Lamb Leather Blazer ♥ This blazer is too beautiful to describe. The leather is very soft and buttery. It is perfection. This is an ideal spring/summer staple.

♥ Marc by Mac Jacobs  Logo Scarf ♥ I love Marc Jacobs and totally obsessed with bows, when you combine the two it is obsessive love :) I can't wait to wear it out

Thank you so much to my parents for being the best parents ever, thank you to Andrew for being in my life and making it that much more awesome and to his family for welcoming me. This Christmas was magical, having my family and friends in my life is the greatest gift that keeps giving.  The material things are nice but the true gifts are  family and friends who will love you back :)

I am off , we are having our family friends  over and mommy is cooking up a fabulous four course meal ( she is the greatest cook ever, if only I could pick up the skill)....and then a movie with Andrew.

Now tell me, everything about your Christmas and what is your favorite gift????

With Love...


Sources:  Lana Frankel; fashion gone rogue

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