Cold vs Warm Weather Skin Care

Cold vs Warm Weather Skin Care

Hello Darlings,As it appears that the spring may have lost her path this year, I am sure that we can all agree it's been too cold for too long.  Aside from the  complete lack of creativity on a million and one ways to rock a parka, it is not only our wardrobe that is hitting a major rut but also our skin. With the weather as unforgiving as this year, my skin has definitely seen the better days.

As we're anticipating the arrival of spring, I thought it would be a good idea to talk to a specialist about the difference in warm vs cold weather skin care. I spoke to  Lyndsay Craig of Stila Cosmetics and check out what she had to say. You may be surprised and learn a few tricks!

 How does our skin’s change from summer to winter?

Similar to your clothing wardrobe changing between summer and winter,  the same goes for skincare.  As the colder months approach skin will naturally becoming dehydrated, dry and tight feeling. The cold air and indoor heating leave out skin dehydrated and therefore fine lines and wrinkles are accentuated. It is very important to make a small changes to our skincare routine to keep our skin looking healthy, glowing and moisturized even in the coldest conditions.

What’s the best way to care for skin in the winter?

The best way to care for skin in the winter is to evaluate what you already have at home and understand how your skin is changing during the cold months. If during the summer months you have been using a gel or foaming cleanser it is a good idea to introduce a gentle scrub. It will help smooth and polish the skin to remove dead flaky skin cells that tend to become more visible in winter. Using a gentle scrub will also allow for your moisturizer to penetrate deeper and deliver better results.

What are some of the biggest no – nos of winter skin care?

One of the biggest faux pas of winter skincare is to run out and purchase a heavy cream or facial balm if your skin is feeling tight, dry or flaky.  Most creams and balms are filled with strong fragrances and fillers that can make sensitive skin react and breakout, especially if you have been using a lighter texture such as a  gel or lotion from the summer months.  A great tip is to add to your current summer regime by using a serum underneath of a gel or light lotion.

 Are there any industry tips for keeping our skin glowing all year around?

An insider tip for keeping skin glowing all year is to enter into the Beauty Balm category. Stila is the leader when it comes to beauty balms – The best tip is to use ‘stay all day 10-in-1 HD illuminating beauty balm’ during the winter months to add a high definition, age defying glow that illuminates and primes the skin for a lit-from-within glow.  This formula also helps to reduce skin irritation and redness which tend to be more prevalent with cold weather.

How often should a woman adjust her skin care regiment in one year?

Skincare regiments should be adjusted when there are signs that the skin is not looking its best.  If there is tightness, pulling or fine lines are more pronounced, then the skin is screaming for more hydration.  When entering into the warm months, the skin will tend to become more dewy or oily. Typically twice a year is the average that a woman should adjust her regiment for optimal skincare results.  Healthy skin is always in, it never goes out of style!

 Should we continue to wear SPF in the winter?

SPF should always be a part of every skincare regime whether it be summer or winter. SPF cream should be applied over top of your skincare regime to ensure proper protection.

I AM WEARING:    Danier    Leather Bomber //    Kate Spade    Cat Burglar Hat //    Rag & Bone    Legging Jeans //    Manitobah Mukluks    Metis boots //    Club Monaco    Leather Gloves

I AM WEARING: Danier Leather Bomber // Kate Spade Cat Burglar Hat // Rag & Bone Legging Jeans // Manitobah Mukluks Metis boots // Club Monaco Leather Gloves

With those tips in mind be sure to listen to your skin and consulting your regular aesthetician and/or dermatologist is also a good idea. Personally, I see a dermatologist twice a year as seasons change and regularly have facials or treatments every 3 months. When seeing a dermatologist be sure to bring your skin care items as often time wrong product may be the cause of a problem.

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