Chicisimo and Social Fashion Websites

Hello Darlings,

More virtual communities sprout up every week, and among the most fun and interactive are social fashion websites. The next few weeks I will review 3 of my favorites, starting today with Chicisimo.

How it works is that you create your own account - here is the link to my Chicisimo profile - and upload photos wearing your favorite outfits. In the photos are 5 of my most popular outfits on Chicisimo, and you can click on each photo to see the relative popularity of each one!

Like the other communities, Chicisimo has a voting system that ranks the most popular looks. But fear not, I've been participating in the Chicisimo community for 2 years and never once have I seen any negative comments!

The upside with their voting system, is that one of the searches you can do is to select the most popular looks in different countries. Chicisimo started in Spain, and the majority of the fashionistas active in the community are in Europe. But to me that's a good thing since it's a fun way to see photos of what real people are wearing in different countries from Italy to England to Russia.

There is a decent size community of American and Canadian fashionistas active, and Chicisimo is one of the best sites to meet and interact with other people who share similar interests and style! It's also a very good place for bloggers to set up an account, because unlike most of the other social fashion websites - Chicisimo allows you to post the link to your blog so people can check out your look - which is one of the best sources to generate hits to your blog!

Are you using social fashion sites, and if so, which are your favorites?

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