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More photos to share from my Valentine’s Day romantic getaway to Niagara Falls. The beauty of the falls in the winter is hard to describe. But unfortunately the weather in February is freezing, so it was cashmere all weekend for this girl: P

My outfit is a combination of my favorite pieces… Autumn Cashmere dress, cashmere scarf, cashmere gloves, warm tights, booties and my much loved Mackage jacket. This Mackage jacket stole my heart, the rest of my jackets are completely neglected.

Autumn Cashmere Cashmere Dress
Calvin Klein Opaque Tights
Club Monaco cashmere scarf and gloves
 Mackage Peaches Jacket
Michael Kors Booties
 Marc by Marc Jacobs Miss Marc Earrings
Michael Kors Watch
Gustto Cokera Purse
 Ray Ban Aviators 

My philosophy is one can never own enough cashmere.  It is worth spending more on quality cashmere as it last way longer so it is good value when you consider price-per-wear.  Your cashmere will take good care of you, if you take good care of it. Here are some of my personal rules for buying and caring for cashmere.

Buying Cashmere

Check the label before buying to be sure it is 100% cashmere.

Look for 2-ply yarn as it is more durable.

More than 2-ply will very warm, maybe too warm for indoors.

Feel the fabric to be sure that it is über-soft.

Rub it to against your face and your neck, avoid if your skin is irritated.

A new garment should have no balls, wrinkles, or creases.

It should not look shiny, feel slippers or look fuzzy.

It should rebound back to its shape when stretched.

Examine the piece meticulously.

Caring for Cashmere

Personally, I stay away from dry cleaning having had terrible experiences.

I prefer gentle hand-wash in cool water with mild shampoo or special detergent.

Press out water with a tower, and then lay flat to dry.

- Store in plastic, zip-locking bags in order to keep moths away.

- Lint balls can be removed by fine grained pumice stone.

Sweater brushes tend to pull on fabric threads and I really do not like that.

Better quality cashmere will develop less lint balls over time.

- Always keep your cashmere folded, it will stretch if hung.

P.S. To learn how to care for fabrics and to judge the quality, visit

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I know that some of you have requested that I include Andrew’s outfits in my posts, so here he is :P Both of our outfits are fairly simple and consists of cashmere.

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