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Hello Darlings, Most everyone probably has heard of CAA, which is the Canadian Automobile Association (for American readers, CAA is a sister organization of AAA) most likely for their roadside assistance in case your car breaks down. But if you are searching for travel or Christmas gifts, CAA has more good stuff to offer, such as wicked travel deals including the incredible deal on round trip plane tickets that I found to travel to Florida in December – check below!

Pool at Hotel Victor Miami

Pretty sad how much of our hard earned money goes to TAX when the actual ticket cost is $18, but the real story is what a wicked deal this is! There is a small catch though, since you need a CAA membership to unlock such good deals. Basic CAA memberships cost $67 per year, so purchasing this one ticket through CAA Travel Services probably is enough to make your membership a worthwhile investment. You will then have other benefits to enjoy during the year , most important being the peace of mind knowing who to phone in case your car ever has a problem!

Sunwing Florida Deal

 If ever your car breaks down, with your membership you receive an 800 number to phone CAA where agents will help by sending a local tow truck driver to wherever you are. The cost of this service is pre-paid to tow your car safely off the highway to a nearby repair shop. Of course the cost of fixing your car if you had a collision is not included, and for more details about all of the other services and benefits included with the various levels of CAA memberships – or to buy a membership – here is a link to the CAA website.

Top 10 reasons drivers called CAA SCO for help: (Jan 1 – Oct 31, 2012)

 1.  Tow required

 2.  Dead battery

 3.  Locked out of car

 4.  Flat tire/blowout

 5.  Mechanical breakdown

 6.  Collision

 7.  Vehicle stuck/extrication

 8.  Light service required

 9.  Ran out of gas/fuel delivery

 10.  Locksmith required

Hotel Victor Miami Beach

My beachwear photo shoot was taken at Hotel Victor on Ocean Avenue in Miami Beach. It’s an amazing spot in the heart of the action if you ever get a chance to visit, and the pool obviously has a wicked view overlooking the most famous part of “South Beach”. What was even more cool is that my room opened out to the pool. :)

Marta Tryshak at Hotel Victor

And more good news darlings! CAA is giving away one of their Plus Memberships! 

To enter, visit

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