Shopping on Black Friday

Hello Darlings, 

With Black Friday just days away, a girl's got to plan! Black Friday is the one day Americans — and Canadians are well on their way as well — would sacrifice sleep, sex, and possibly their left leg for a great bargain. The term was coined in 1966 and since 2005 Black Friday has officially become the busiest shopping day of the year.

However before, you pack your tent and camp outside Macy's or Best Bay keep in mind some interesting facts. Not every Black Friday deal is actually a steal, so watch your spending and never forget it's not a great deal or a bargain, if you don't really need it!

Do you go Black Friday shopping and if so, what are your favorite places?

And Happy Thanksgiving to all the American readers!

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Images Courtesy Daily Infographic;  All Pretty Little Things Tumblr

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