Big Apple, II

Hello Darlings,

Before returning to my everyday life, I still have a few photos to share from my New York City trip. Before the trip, I paid my hair dresser a visit for a cut and highlights.  I've been going for redder / copper-y look and slowly growing my hair out ( yup, even more)...

... and I am really loving the results. This trip put me back into my element and brought back my energy!!! With every day things falling back into place more...

I spent the majority of my trip exploring the city: visiting museums and galleries, Park Avenue restaurants for lunches, Central Park with friends, coffee at Joe's and hot cocoa at Dean & Deluca,  romantic dinners, exploring West Village, Meatpacking District, Soho,  spending hours in Bloomingdales Soho,  Bleecker street fun with Marc Jacobs and Sephora, and last but not least Broadway and Time Square. We went everywhere by yellow taxi ( we did try the subway with friends and got lost :P)!

I visited Topshop and at first was excited, but the crowds yelling and rude girls were really a downer. I realized H&M and Zara are just as interesting and cute.  For those of you in Canada, who feel deprived of the Topshop experience (as I did before)... I say that in all honesty I was not impressed. The clothes were cute but the quality is not equal to the design, and the price tags are not worth it.  Personally, I was disappointed.

Bloomingdales in Soho, now that was a different story... the selection, designers, and the sales... made it well worth spending hours in the store. The men's section is fabulous!!! My favorite shopping destination was hands down Bleecker Street!!! I tried to stay away from the shopping and crowds, but how can you when you're in New York?

The weather in New York was freezing and snowy :P But it so magical when covered in a white blanket. My wardrobe was pretty standard. For Day:  Mackage or Soia & Kyo jacket; Cashmere Dresses underneath (warm and cute);  Fun tights;  Flat boots; Marc by Marc Jacobs Hoodie; Cozy Scarfs.; Moschino gloves. For Night: Dresses with fun tights, Kors or Stella McCartney Booties; Skirts with cute tops. For the entire week,  I hardly ever wore pants... which I found strange. All of the outfits were accompanied with Michael Kors watch, or Marc by Marc Jacobs Little Miss Marc Earrings; or Tiffany & Co key necklace.  Personally, I love New York style... simple and  clean-cut.

The trip was fantastic and I love New York! This was  my second time in the city. The first time... I really did not like it but this time I had a whole different experience. Manhattan is truly fabulous and charming.

But before I leave, I must know your thoughts on Topshop! Please, share your thoughts... maybe I just had a bad first impression.

With Love...


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