Belated Valentine....

Hello Darlings,

Valentine’s Day is one occasion when you’re expected to be cheesy. I do not like the idea of expecting grand romantic gestures from your sweetheart because that is what the rest of the world is doing. However, I do think positively of Valentine’s Day as it presents an opportunity for couples to spend that extra time together and do something that is more “special”.


Romance…sure! But I prefer fun over lovey-dovey, overly-cheesy romance...


At 21 fun is more important than romance, but still Andrew and I spent Valentine’s weekend in Niagara Falls. Our weekend was filled with dinners overlooking the falls, gambling, strolling around (out and indoors) and of course partying :P  Yes, Andrew and I are one of those couples that goes clubbing on our own just for the fun of it.

One of my favorite things was having our hotel connected…. restaurants, casino, bars, night club, and if you need it a wedding chapel (hahha…who needs to go to Vegas?).  Not having to step a foot outside when a snow storm is happening is a great idea in winter. :P



Not having to step outside meant I could wear my new Mike & Chris jacket. I can’t wait for spring to wear my favorite ballerinas and leather jackets. I say the same thing in the summer, I can’t wait for winter to have chance to layer everything: P (I might be the only one who thinks that way but I do love winters).


I am wearing: Alexander Wang (from Bluefly); Mike& Chris Hooded "Paul"  Leather Jacket (from Holt Renfrew Last Call); American Apparel Pin Dots  Pantyhose (American Apparel Sherway); Tiffany&Co. Key Necklace (gift from Andrew); Diamond Studs(gift from parents); A.V. Max Cuff (from Bluefly);  Davis by Ruthie Davis Swarovski embellished heels (from Revolve Forward).


Since it was Valentine's Day, aka You- Must- Wear- Pink- or- Red- or- Hearts Day, I wore my ABSOLUTE favorite Alexander Wang dress.  I’ve been on a mission to find a substitute for this dress but still no luck.



I just love love love the way it makes me feel like a sex kitten— so embarrassed  for using this phrase, but I can’t think of another. Forgive me for being so lame: P

I paired my dress with American Apparel polka-dot tights, which were not worth my $40. The color is not even and it took a lot of adjusting to make them seem normal. I would return them, but they have no refund policy on hosiery. I am used to spending lots of money on great hosiery, as it is one of those “my look” things and I want my hosiery to be smooth and perfect! The only thing that I do like  about my American Apparel tights is they are thick. But spare yourself the frustration and go for another pair. Meanwhile, I will continue to torture myself with them until they finally rip. For $40, I might as well wear them to university. My hosiery does not last a whole day there. This is also a reason I carry around another pair.



TIP: If you’re wearing thin pantyhose bring a spare in case they rip. This is especially the case when you’re going out!


Well, I am going to spare you more ranting… as I must fetch myself another double espresso and go back to studying. Wish me luck, hopefully I will come out happy and smiling, because right now I am a total nut case: P So please bare with me, it takes me much longer to respond to comments/e-mails during such times!!!


Wishing Everyone a Lovely Day!!!

With Love...


So Dainty...

With Love...