Because You're Fabulous....

Hello Darlings,

Some women dress in such extremes they represent everything that I adore - feminine, simple, gutsy, sensual and classy - she's comfortable in her own skin and knows that she's fabulous.


But is it Fabulous or Selfish???


I admire women who to dress impress everyday. Women who don't seek man's attention by what she wears, and exude confidence and sensuality that bedazzles. But people often so judgmental that you're dressing to make some kind of statement.


Seriously... why is it that when a woman dresses to impress, men assume it's for them. Or, women often chime in that she's being an "attention whore". Why can't a woman dress to impress just for herself? Is it ever wrong for a woman to wear stilettos and be perfectly polished, just to feel fabulous?  Is it ridiculous to consider this selfish?



Well, if it is selfish ... then I want to be the most selfish person on the planet.

There's nothing wrong with a woman dressing up and feeling pretty.

Being Fabulous is part of our nature and there's no need to downplay it!


My fabulous of the "moment" are definitely loose trousers. I also love the simplicity with great details. More current favorites are: leather jackets, simple white shirts, structured coats with great details (ex. amazing buttons), and of course, wayfarers!


As seen on the runways, it is all in the details for Spring 2009 including: sexy but pretty shoes, leather gloves, zippers, cuffs, bows, clutches, and neat nails!
Being a girl is so much fun! So what are we waiting for? Dress so you feel wonderful, spoil yourself because you deserve it, love yourself because you're gorgeous and be confident because you're one of a kind.

Now put on your cutest pair of shoes and ladies enjoy being fabulous !!!

Forget men and others, just be fabulous for yourself !!!!

I wish you all a fabulous day !!!

With Love... Marta


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