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Hello Lovelies,

Today's, post is definitely not my usual kind ...

Over a certain period of time, I have received quite a few e-mails and comments regarding my "student budget" and how I manage to afford my wardrobe. Although some might disagree with some of my choices and other might like them, in the end it all comes down to what I like.Because style is personal.

I believe that everyone is entitled to their opinion, however I am entitled to mine as well. The idea of being judged by some in such a negative light is not exactly the most pleasant thing, especially if you don't know me.

I am very thankful to those who continue to support my blog and express their opinions... it means so much to me. However, although I do appreciate negative comments/e-mails as well. Since honesty, for me, is one of the most cherished qualities. I found some questions to be inappropriate. Although I completely understand that curiosity is part of the human nature, I do not feel comfortable answering questions such as " if you have a job?"; " what do you do for a living?"; "how much do you make" etc...

I do not mean to be rude in any way, but I really do not see how this is relevant to this blog. My blog is just a way for me to express my interest in fashion and share it with others who feel the same. And if any part of my wardrobe, personality, style or even budget bother you - for that I apologize but I do not see the need for me to justify my choices and lifestyle.

I don't feel comfortable discussing private details of my life or disclosing any parts of my income.... In no way do I want to be rude, but I do hope that some people might understand why and respect that.

Just some thoughts
That aside,
I am really excited to talk about my wardrobe and my attitudes toward dressing,etc.
Since I do like certain things, and I am not willing to compromise on. I found ways that work for me and compromising my expectations is not one of them. It is just a matter of learning how to organize your closet, learning to be patient and how to prioritize. It is not all about money, but about shopping with a certain mind set.

I am no fashion guru and in no ways am I advising anyone... these are my thoughts and ideas and I apply them only to myself :)... So if in any way I say something that might seem offensive.... I apologize.

In order to have a well organized wardrobe, you need to understand your personal style. A wardrobe needs to serve you in all aspects of your life. A balance between casual, work smart, conservative, sexy, going out, and of course formal. When you have that balance you don't need a ton of clothe... because everything works together.It really isn't about how expensive your things are but how well you can put them together.
There are many things that I want... but that I cannot afford to buy on regular prices.
That's also why it is important to know your wardrobe.When you know what you like/dislike and need/don't need it is easier to take a full advantage of sales.Just because I don't need sandals now, doesn't mean that I won't need them in the summer. Therefore, if I come across a pair I love and that will work with my wardrobe and the price is right... I will buy them. Knowing what you need is the key and then just being patient until it comes to you. It is easy to just go and buy a pair of $350 dollar sandals but it takes patience to buy those exact sandals for $100.


If you want to go on a vacation ( like I choose to during x-mas) that is going to be your priority. It is all about knowing what you want. If I want a vacation, then I won't have a shopping spree. If I know that a $1000 can cover my book expanses for a year, then I will never buy a purse/shoes at that price range only because I simply can't justify the purchase. Understanding that clothe are not a real investment but only a luxury is key.They are not worth going into debt for. Knowing your limit,what you can and cannot afford is also important.

My Wardrobe = My Life

I don't care what people think of my style. All I care about is that I like it. A wardrobe needs to be a reflection of who you are and it needs to correspond with your life.
Here's how I organize my wardrobe, with some of my favorite choices.

Tees and tanks are the basics, therefore I believe that they need to be made of cotton. Tees are an easy and affordable way to add some excitement to your closet. I would suggest never to pay lots of money for a " perfect tee" and if you must have it wait 'till it goes on sale.

Saving Tip: Club Monaco now offers college student 20% discount on regular and sale price items. You have to ask for it and show your student ID. (click)

Long Sleeve

To me long sleeve tops are just as important as tees and tanks. Details and great material are great ways to make a top feel more special for everyday. This is a category that can be easily bought on sale during any time of the year.
As for going out tops, it is always a good idea to have a pretty date top and a sexy clubbing top. I usually prefer dresses, but tops are also an easy way to dress up. I usually chose silk tops only because it is something you won't wear everyday and want to keep for a while. It is an item that's supposed to make you feel wonderful and confident.

I think that the best way to buy a going out top is on sale. I would never spend $200-$250 on a top, but with a sale you can score it for a half or quarter of the regular price. Just be patient. Don't buy it last minute - you'll end up spending a lot and have limited options.

Tips: Tops can be tricky to wear, especially when it comes to picking right undergarments. Personally, I believe that undergarments should never be shown,not even the straps. If you feel uncomfortable going bra-less( only if a top permits it) in a top like the one by Levine,then get some Nippies (click).

Remember, Details are important - a wrong choice of undergarment can make an outfit look trashy.


When it comes to bottoms, well jeans are number one. Personally, I prefer skinny jeans. And because I wear jeans almost everyday I buy them in different colors and shades. The most important part of jeans is the fit - and right now I am loving Corpus Jeans. The material is not as stretchy as J Brand and the fit is more tailored.

When it comes to switching things up in a denim department, I turn to my trusty Earnest Sewn bootcut jeans-comfy, super soft and look awesome. I usually prefer to wear them with sneakers.As for denim skirts and cut offs - well they are a great option for summer, but keep in mind as to how short you want to go. Less is not more.

Shopping Tip: Good pair of jeans usually costs a lot ( especially in Canada), however there's no need to spend between $200 - 300 for jeans. Revolve Clothing and Bluefly always have wonderful denim that goes on amazing sales. Just be patient.


When I am not wearing jeans, I am wearing loose trousers. Trousers are easy and comfortable to wear as long as they fit right and the length is just right. For summer I prefer casual silk or linen that I can wear with flats of sandals. For winter, I like wool blend that is long enough to cover the heels of my Kors booties - it gives me a that long and lean look.

Then occasionally I resort to mini's/pencil skirts and rarely to shorts.


Sweaters are probably the most important part of my wardrobe. I live in them. Sweaters are one of those things that I am willing to pay full price for.Plus, you can wear them during all of the seasons. I love sweaters so much...

Although wool is wonderful, nothing compares to cashmere. The softness and the warmth of it is definately worth spending an extra buck on.Plus, avoiding that extra bulk during winter is always a plus. But there's no need to splurge. Bluefly (click) is where I buy most of my cashmere and the I've never been disappointed. If you want ultimate luxury and willing to pay a little extra I would suggest Autumn Cashmere or Hayden. As for more affordable cashmere, I love Club Monaco - it is amazingly soft and wears very well. I especially love CM cashmere scarves. Cashmere is definately worth picking up during the sale time.If you take proper care of your cashmere it will last you years and I am speaking from personal experience.

P.S. When wearing cashemere dress, make sure to wear a silky slip underneath. The sweater won't cling but look perfectly on you body. Plus, cashemere tends to be very thin and when light directly hits it you might end up seeing everything.

Sweater Dresses are a fun way to stay warm during the cooler days but still look sassy and cute. Pair them with a cute pair tights for that perfect warm but still very fabulous look :) Keep the length in mind.


Personally, I love dresses... they are easy to wear and always look fabulous. Pair them with an amazing heel and you look effortlessly stunning. Pair them with a cute flat and you look irresistibly adorable.

I love everyday dresses...especially during the summer time. They are fresh and fun.However,keep the colours light and the material breezy.

For cooler temperature a comfy long sleeve dress is ideal.

When it comes to formal event a "fancy" dress is a must... hehe

I own one formal maxi dress from BCBG Max Azria and I love it to death...but I prefer to wear a mini in the midst of all the maxis. I usually choce simple dresses that can be worn to different occasions.

As for going out...

Well, LBD is a must...Miller is my ultimate LBD- it's been there for me whenever a need to need just a tad more fabulous :). For going out I like simple but fun dresses that can be worn with heels or flats and all seasons.

Shopping Tip: Try not to buy dresses before x-mas or new years you will most likely end up paying more with less choice. Buy ahead of the time during holidays.

I love shoes... they are fabulous and amazing. That's all to it!!!

I love love love ballerina flats...maybe because of my ballet background, but I just love how girly they make me feel. As for sandals, I prefer simple leather flip flop s orgladiators. Nothing too complicated.

When it comes to heels, well Kors and Juicy are my favorite brands. Michael Kors makes comfortable, fantastic quality shoes that are affordable. As for Juicy Couture,they are more of a splurge but definately worth it - picking them up on sale is a pretty good idea, that's what I try to do most of the time.

I think that every girl needs to own one pair of shoes that are only for special occasions that make her feel like a Cinderella. My glass slippers are by Ruthie Davis and I love them to death - plus,the Swarvoski crystals on the heels are a perfect touch. I got the on sale from $650 to $200 - so to need to to splurge but look and be patient.

P.S. I think that my biggest paranoia and pet peeve would have to be open toe shoes and no pedi. Ladies, when you're wearing a fabulous pair of heels, your feet need to look fab as well.There's no need to pay $50-60 for a pedi,you can to it at home. Actually, I hate having people touch my feet.Turn on a chick flick and dedicate that hour or two to your feet and hands.It is all in details. I once saw a woman wearing the most beautiful pair of Louboutin's with the ugliest feet ever ..It made me cringe and feel bad for the shoes. Do not neglect attention to details: feet and hands are a must for a lady !!!


WEll, I have a whole theory on purses but in few short words: AS a student, I don't believe in paying thousands for a purse ... it seems silly to spend so much. All I care about is that it is made out of quality leather. For example, I got my favorite purse at the most random place - Gap. It was only $250 but the leather and the quality is unbelievable. I love it too much. The best part, it still looks new.

Get a purse that you love and fits your budget.It doesn't matter who designed it as long as you love it. Another thing I really dislike is when there's a designer logo slapped on everywhere - Uggh. Personally, when I can afford a designer purse I will definately invest in a simple Chanel. I think it is tasteful and not too flashy like Vuiton and Gucci.


Everyone has their own preference - I prefer warmth. Living in Canada that's all that matters and surprisingly my Soia & Kyo have been keeping me toasty this winter. I would strongly recommend - their coats are simply amazing.
For spring/fall I choose wool blazer or leather jacket. Simple and easy to wear.

As for summer/spring... I love a trench for rainy days. Something thin and fun is all you need during the warm seasons.

Keep in mind that outwear needs taking care of to look it's best - make sure to take it to a trusty dry cleaner for routine touch up. This way it will serve you longer.


Everyone knows that jewelry is an ultimate accessory but I love winter accessories more than anything. Especially cashmere scarves and pretty gloves ... I live in them during winter.

Well here's a quick look at my favorite pieces of my closet ... I try to have a balance between all categories.


In the end, all that matter is that you like it. It doesn't matter if others like it...It is all about you. And trust me, money is not something that will make you feel or look great it is all about your imagination.

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1. Revolve Clothing.
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The extension of my Shopping Holy Land. For more luxurious things, this is where I go. It is simply amazing. Love it - plus it ships really quickly.

3. Retail me not
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DO NOT SHOP ONLINE without stopping here. If there's a code for a discount out there- they will have it.

If it was not for these sites I would not have what I have... CHECK THEM OUT!!!

If you have any awesome sites to share please do so.... thanks :)

I never thought that I would ever have to defend my spending habits...but I almost felt attacked with the harsh statements. All I wanted to say is that I am not some spoiled little girl, I do have limits. I've placed a lot of thought into this post, since it is a pretty delicate issue to address. I just wish that people would not draw assumptions about me too quickly. Please, do ask if you're curious, I will answer as honestly as I can... but please do not attack me with assumptions and accusations.

Thank you to everyone for taking the time to leave me a comment or an e-mail...I promise to get back soon. I am on my reading week and I will have plenty of time to catch up with all of you.... YAY!!!! I've missed you guys :)

I wish you all a beautiful day !!!
With Love...
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