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When it comes to skin care and beauty products, it feels like I've tried them all. I am constantly trying something new out of personal interest, and since my skin has "whack attacks". Today I am going to give my 2 cents with a mascara product review and also skin care.



I am allergic to many skin care products. My skin is sensitive, and classified as normal/combination. My skin breaks out from slightly oily product, but also flakes if they are not oily enough. My skin also reacts differently to the same products after consistent use. Dilemma? YES.


L'Oreal Double Extend Tubes Mascara

I am nervous trying new mascaras because of allergies, but had no troubles with this one. It is soft and moisturizing, with no clumping or smudging. It made my lashes appear long (when used with an ultra nourishing base coat). It delivers such a dramatic result there is no need for " fake lashes".  $15 dollars well spent, and I would recommend it to those who want extra length.

Photobucket Yves Saint Laurent Everlong Mascara

My first choice since it delivers a natural look, which is a ideal for every day (opposite of L'Oreal). I like the brush since it bombs the lashes. This mascara is ideal if you prefer, like I do, a bare look with just a hint of color. You can layer the coats for a slightly more defined look, but not as dramatic and drastic as the L'Oreal Double Extend. For me, I use L'Oreal Double Extend for a night out since it gives me the " come hither" look.


Photobucket Kiehl's Face Care

Ultra Facial Moisturizer delivers the perfect amount of moisture. I am still deciding about Kiehl's Gentle Foaming Cleanser, since my skin became overly dry. Cucumber Alchohol-Free Toner is very refreshing. Kiehl's Supremely Gentle Eye Makeup Remover is NOT good. The next morning I had dry flaky eyes and felt swollen. Use instead Marcelle Eye Make Up Remover Lotion (oil free), it is gentle and soothing.

Photobucket Rusk Sensories Pure Shampoo and Conditioner

I've been using this shampoo and conditioner, and it's not the best.  It smells yummy, which is why I bought it. For me it is not nourishing enough, but it could be okay if you have oily hair.

Photobucket OPI Nail Lacquer in You Don't Know Jacques!

I adore this color, it is so unique and fresh. It is the perfect alternative to darks. I would describe this color and mousey gray. TRY IT.




Kerastase Masque Creme Richesse - Treatment for Dry to Very Dry Sun-Exposed Hair

Kiehl's Light Nourishing Eye Cream


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