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Meet Canada’s first celebrity Bachelor – Brad Smith! The former professional CFL football player has set out to find his sweetheart on the first-ever Bachelor Canada television show that begins airing Wednesday October 3rd at 9 pm on CityTV. Last week, I interviewed Brad and found him every bit as charming as you hope The Bachelor to be. We spoke about his experiences so far filming the show, sex appeal, love life and of course relationship and break-up advice — and here's what Brad said.

I actually first heard of Brad from a mutual friend, Wilder Weir — host of the TV show Oh So Cosmo. Wilder and Brad go way back to Grade 7 and knowing Wilder, Brad would surely be a nice guy – and he is! Wilder will be following his friend's journey to find  “the one” with a regular weekly column of his own in the newspaper The Toronto Star.

What made you sign on as The Bachelor Canada and choose your mate in such an unconventional way?

I have a low self-esteem - just joking! It was just the timing; my buddy was dating a girl at the time who was friends with the casting director. It just happened where I got the phone call and it was The Bachelor Canada. Although there were periods where I thought that I was not going to be picked at all, at the end it worked out.

It’s safe to say that you have enjoyed the experience?

It’s the most surreal thing in my life. At first it seemed like it would never happen but then seeing it on the screen during the press presentation – it was just shocking that it was all actually happening!

What is your idea of  sexy in a woman?

Honestly, it is the personality. Obviously you have to be attracted to her, but there is nothing more important than that emotional connection. For me, it is all about an easy-going personality.

What does romance mean to you?

Simplicity — it is about little things as opposed to big gestures.

In one word, what is the most important quality in a woman?


What is your definition of a good relationship?

It is all about communication and assurance. Especially when you’re apart from your partner for a period of time, you both need to be assured of your commitment.

Do you think that men and women can be just friends?

Most of my friends are girls. As long as there are no complications, of course you can just be friends.

What do you think is the one quality that defines Canadian men?

I think that we are very laid back.

You played pro-football in Montreal, Toronto and Edmonton. Do you have a favorite city in Canada?

I love being in Toronto because most of my social life is there. But I also really love going back to my hometown of Hudson in Quebec.

Where do you see yourself settling down?

Most likely in Toronto.

Can you share some of your dating tips for the single ladies?

To be very honest... if a guy pulls a line, just walk away. The most honest thing when you meet somebody is feeling the energy between you.

What do you think is the best way for a girl to move on after a bad break-up?

By surrounding herself with the exact opposite of what she is used to in a man. It is also best to surround yourself with close friends.

What about fixing a relationship, perhaps after cheating?

To be very honest with you, I don’t think it can be fixed after cheating. Of course, it is important to take into account if children are involved. Otherwise, if the person cheated, the relationship was not as important to them as it should have been.

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Images Courtesy:  Cait Cronenberg for Hello Canada; Google Images

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