A|Wear Autumn 2010 Lifestyle Editorial

Hello Darlings, 

Following an eventful week — that I can't wait to share— I am taking some down time. It's been an exciting week, with the best news being that Sotheby's had chosen me for a coveted internship!

In the meantime I would like to share this beautiful series of photos from I Love Wildbox and the A Wear Autumn 2010 lifestyle editorial, which is youthful but with a  classic look.

Every piece in this editorial is stunning! I love the chic coats, delicate dresses, to lady-like purses, and pointy nude flats. 

However, I wish they would have added jewelry like a chic white gold bracelet, or a feminine watch, or maybe some  classic pearls. What do yo think?

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Wishing Everyone a Lovely Sunday!

With Love,


Source: I love wildbox

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