Are You Ready For The Beach?

Hello Darlings,

With holidays fast approaching and temperatures already frosty, what girl doesn't wish that she was packing for a tropical getaway! Well, if you're one of the lucky ladies travelling south this holiday season then there's a good chance you are on a hunt for a teeny bikini!

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After you've narrow down all of your cute sunshine looks, it's time to be sure that you're totally beach ready! Every woman feels self-conscious to a certain extent when sporting a bikini. After all, exposing that much of ourselves is not the most natural of our tendencies. But let's not lose sight of the real objective of this wonderful time - you're there to have fun in the sun - not obsess over  your body image!

Last year, I spent a large part of my winter in warmer climates so the beach ready dilemma kept coming up. Here are some of my tricks that got me through the times with full attention on fun in the sun :)

1.  See a professional for a brazilian. Yes, it hurts but so worth it!

2.  Get a manicure and pedicure. If you're been wearing boots, your footsies likely need some loving.

3.  Kick up on exfoliation. Dedicate more time to exfoliation, to be sure your skin in flawless.

4.   After exfoliating be sure to moisturize with a rich body cream.

5.  Avoid tanning salons due to aging effects on skin. If you must have color, opt for self tanner.

6.  Buy a cute cover-up for strolling on the beach. I love silk, sheer cover ups.

7.   A floppy hat and sunnies protect your skin and eyes, and good also to protect your hair!

8.  Wearing make up to the beach can make you break out, so use tinted moisturizer with SPF 50.

9.   Try to cover your hair as much as you can. The sun does major damage to your color.

10.  Find a fabulous beach bag. You don't want your favorite purse full of sand.

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To ensure that you're ready for some fun in the sun,  La Vie En Rose has offered one of you ladies a $100 gift card to spend as you wish. Tip: they have a fabulous Aqua line for all of your beach needs :)

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