And Nothing to Wear...

Hello Darlings,

I hope everyone had a beautiful weekend… mine was quite interesting. Friday, Andrew and I attended a chocolate soiree (yup, our friends are amazing hosts).  As usual, I was in a dilemma over everything: shoes, outfit, and accessories.

“Closet full of clothes and nothing to wear.”

This is probably the most common problem women struggle with. At the moment, I am anti-pants. I don’t know why, but I just can’t bring myself to wear them. I feel like every outfit just doesn’t work… so skirts and dresses it is.

Friday evening, I was ready (sort of). My hair was straightened and de-frizzed, my make-up was done using my favorite Chanel palette, except I was stuck in my undies, standing in the middle of my closet while Andrew was waited outside. The poor guy will soon be best friends with the parking patrol :P  I was frustrated, upset and feeling like a total mess…. It’s it amazing how one outfit can almost ruin your night?!

I pulled myself together when my eye landed on my new Marc Jacobs purse that I picked up on Bleecker Street. The moment I saw his Spring 2010, Marc by Marc Jacobs collection… I wanted to find a metallic purse. Voila!

I slowly pulled together an outfit that felt right and complemented the purse. First, a simple grey top with an interesting cut. I paired it with an American Apparel skirt, and added interesting hosiery. When in doubt, wear black, and add an interesting stocking (my mantra). A little bit of Tiffany’s and Marc Jacobs did the trick in the accessories department, and Michael Kors booties sealed the deal. It turned out to b a black and grey combination that made me feel fabulous… and got me out the door!

I am wearing:
Wilfred Top( from Aritzia)
 American Apparel Lamé Skirt ( from American Apparel)
Multicolored Polka Dot Pantyhose from Calvin Klien ( from Winners)
Marc by Marc Jacobs Purse (from Marc by Marc Jacobs store on Bleecker Street)
Michael Kors Booties ( from Holt Renfrew)
 Marc by Marc Jacobs Miss Marc Studs (from Bloomingdales Soho)
Tiffany's &Co. Key Necklace ( a gift from Andrew).

Lately, I’ve been feeling more comfortable with my style and have been experimenting with bolder colors. Trust me, this is a huge step for me! Despite the dilemmas, I feel as if my style is slowly evolving. Yesterday I picked up another Nina Garcia book, Style Strategy, from Liv and I love it. Garcia is truly inspirational!

Through her books, I’ve learned not to be afraid of making bolder statements with fashion. I was recently inspired to purchase a very dramatic pair of YSL heels that are out of my element but work so beautifully with my wardrobe.

Lesson Learned: Your closet is never half empty, it is always half full.

Not it is your turn.....

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P.S. Also I would like to send out a special thank you to Iris for offering to proofread With Love...  and to make sure that it is in tip-top-shape :)  Iris welcome to the team!

Wishing Everyone a Beautiful Day!!!

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